Bobby Knight Calling Kentucky Games this Season

You read that title correctly.

Bobby Knight, the man that won’t say Kentucky and loathes John Calipari, will be calling SEC games on Thursday nights with Rece Davis and will be calling a couple of Wildcat games.

Just not in Rupp Arena.

Knight will be reassigned to call SEC games — alongside play-by-play announcer Rece Davis on Thursday nights — including Kentucky action. But Knight won’t be at games in which things might get a little too edgy.

ESPN spokesman Mike Humes on Sunday said that Knight will work Kentucky games — but not ones on the Wildcats’ home court.

Knight was unavailable for comment Sunday but said in an ESPN statement that “the SEC has a lot of good matchups, good play and good coaching. I’m looking forward to watching and describing these games.”

Although that comment couldn’t have been more diplomatic if it had been vetted by the U.S. State Department, ESPN is showing that TV assignments can create their own subplots. While Knight last spring eventually went back to using the K word, the animosity wasn’t just a passing whim — especially when it comes to Kentucky coach John Calipari and the subject of Wildcat players leaving early for the pros.

I think Bob should make the trip to Lexington one time….it would be fun.

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