Bobby Knight Calling Kentucky Games this Season


You read that title correctly.

Bobby Knight, the man that won’t say Kentucky and loathes John Calipari, will be calling SEC games on Thursday nights with Rece Davis and will be calling a couple of Wildcat games.

Just not in Rupp Arena.

Knight will be reassigned to call SEC games — alongside play-by-play announcer Rece Davis on Thursday nights — including Kentucky action. But Knight won’t be at games in which things might get a little too edgy.

ESPN spokesman Mike Humes on Sunday said that Knight will work Kentucky games — but not ones on the Wildcats’ home court.

Knight was unavailable for comment Sunday but said in an ESPN statement that “the SEC has a lot of good matchups, good play and good coaching. I’m looking forward to watching and describing these games.”

Although that comment couldn’t have been more diplomatic if it had been vetted by the U.S. State Department, ESPN is showing that TV assignments can create their own subplots. While Knight last spring eventually went back to using the K word, the animosity wasn’t just a passing whim — especially when it comes to Kentucky coach John Calipari and the subject of Wildcat players leaving early for the pros.

I think Bob should make the trip to Lexington one time….it would be fun.

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About the Author

Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • Shawn

    Booby Knight really pisses me off. He is such a jerk. he calls games likes he is the best coach in the world. SHUT UP BOBBY KNIGHT.

  • Garfield

    I Would Rather Listen To Cows Chew On Grass

  • Ky_Tom

    kentucky should refuse to take the floor if RM Knight is even in the building. Even if it means the team takes a L, on the record books. This man does not deserve to be in the same arena with the kentucky Wildcats team and or coaches..Why hasn’t ESPN fired his butt..He’s a has been who is no longer thought of as a good coach..Those days are long gone..And he should be too…

  • Terry

    What a remarkably bad decision by ESPeeN!

  • Vicki Frye

    Guess I will have to go back to the old times,when the only channels came from Knoxville,we turned the TV down and listened to the plays on the radio!

  • scott

    Imma be honest. When i watch a UK game that this pompus loud mouth jerk calls. If he says one ill word about UK, the coach, the players, or its fans. Im going to blow a head gaskit. I despise this man and every breath he takes..

  • Dewey

    There should be a link somewhere that we could let ESPN know that we do not want him calling our games. Does anyone know???

  • wayne

    this is a slap to ky. all he will do is put them down and build the other team they are playing up. coach cal and kentucky are the best , hes just a jealous old crow

  • mark

    just turn the radio on instead….he isnt bigger than this…GO CATS

  • Dwight

    Pathetic decision by the TV folks. Knight is worse than Billy Packer ever was with his opinions on college basketball outside of his personal ideas. Knight will not cover Ky Basketball impartially and the network will pay with lost viewership. Or people will watch TV with mute on and listen to radio for commentary. Heck, Knight does not like any of the teams in the SEC.
    To err is human. Hopefully, the network people will recognize the errors of their decision and reverse it befor the season begins.

    Go Wildcats.

  • Bill

    What is ESPN trying to prove? Even if I’m not a UK fan… I still don’t want this guy on any game. I will mute the TV when he is on any game. UK needs to work on getting him off!

  • girlycat

    He’s irrelevant. We make him relevant with our reactions. Ignore it. Turn him down and listen to the radio.

  • PappaCop

    I’m afraid ESPN is going the way of the rest of the networks. They feel they have to have drama & controversy for the sake of ratings. It’s no longer about the teams, the athletes, or the competition. It’s about seeing how much crap you can stir up. They picked the only guy who could generate this kind of reaction. Screw him, he’s irrelevant. GO CATS!

  • BobbyBlue

    When ESPN first inquired about featuring,Ky,in an “all access show”,.Coach Calipari,at first said no” …Cal didn’t think UK needed more publicity,but the school finally agreed.
    With the program, solely involving the hottest Basketball program in the copuntry,.all this does is help an organization that, constantly lets its employees lampoon Calipari and the UK program, at every opportunity.
    So now,in appreciation,for UK allowing them to televise,that program,and make no mistake,its solely to get viewers,they have now screwd over Ky again,by having Boobie Night, call some of our games.
    They know, what’s going to happen,will be deragatory in some fashion.
    Something wrong with this picture.
    Any AD with a backbone, would never stand for this sort of treatment, !!

  • Sherbie

    Bobby needs to go hunting with Dick Cheney and forget about calling basketball games..LOL

  • Patrick

    Really, well he will either not talk, fall asleep or complain about all the guys we are sending to the NBA after one season. I will definitely have to listen to the radio while watching the video online or on tv while he is calling a game.

  • Randy

    Maybe the US will finally extradite Bobby Knight back to Puerto Rica for striking a police officer…

  • Missie

    Why don’t they just let Gillispie provide back up ! Bob Knight”the Sandusky of basketball,” boooo ESPN!

  • dewey

    I sent ESPN an email here, everyone should do the same.

    • Faye

      Thanks dewey for the Espn email contact. . I sent one. Hope all the other fans do the same.

  • bige

    I hope he gets fired before the uk games

  • Greg

    I think all the fans that go to the games out of town should pour there drink on Boobie by accident . The Papers can read Boobie was electrofing in his last commentating !!!! or atleast the equipment might get destroyed and ESPN will get tired of having to replace it .The worst that could happen is you get thrown out of the game and a standing ovation for killing BOOBie!!!!

  • Greg

    If that dont work all of the great BIG Blue fans should be able to chant “I Hate BOOBie “loud enough to drown him out for the first 10 or 15 minutes of the game and espn will have to get another announcer.We can start at the Champions Classic where I feel sure he will be to enrage the CATS against his AHOLE buddy PUKE