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Dragon Baby Knows Kung-Fu

This is definitely one of my kids most favorite videos of the year. Who doesn’t like a baby who knows kung-fu? Here’s a little behind…


Boxer Punches Referee

This guy did get disqualified. I still can’t believe how deliberate this is. He didn’t even try to hide it.

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Georgia Fan Is A Dougie All-Star

I thought I would save this until we played Georgia, but it’s just wrong to sit on this type of video Gold!  John Wall better…


Tennessee Facial Hair

Even though this is a Tennessee fan (and you know how I feel about UT fans) I have to admit that I’m very impressed by…


Ole Miss Coed Does A Face Plant

  It’s Bid Day at Ole’ Miss!! How exciting for a young woman that can’t wait to join a sorority. That is unless you’re the…

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Utah State Kicker Gets Smoked

I’m not sure what to say except…”OUCH”. I’m sure most kickers are thinking that an onside kick is going to be uneventful as far as…

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Gangnam Style Tampa Bay Cheerleaders

Gangnam Style is the new craze and I’m wondering if UK is ever going to catch on.  They were quick to make the wobble video,…

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Offensive Line is Sexy and They Know It

Louisiana Tech’s Offensive Line made this Parody of “Sexy And I Know It”  Huh.. Glad to see someone is having fun this football season.


Your NFL Sunday Soundboard

Get ready for NFL football with the Complex Sports NFL Soundboard.  Be warned, some of the sound bytes have some “choice language”…  But the best…