Humphries Vs. Smith Twitter War

-+*Humphries Vs. Smith Twitter War – Not really. Just plain trash talkin’ beyond the 88-85 Nets win over Knicks. Big game tonight!The Garden got really quiet on the way out!#Brooklyn — Kris Humphries (@KrisHumphries) January 22, 2013 Look’s like Smith wins this one. Wasnt quiet when Kanye tore it down ...

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Video: You’ve Never Seen a Stephen Curry Pass…

-+*You’ve never seen a more beautiful pass than this. Warriors defeated Clippers, 106-99, but the moment belonged to Stephen Curry in the fourth quarter as he fired a- what we describe as a defender-splitting half-court bounce pass (whew). Adjectives only reserved for this specific period. Simply beautiful. We almost forgot ...

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John Wall Shuts Up High School Kid - The NOC - YouTube

High School Star Challenges John Wall

-+*John Wall is challenged by high school star Tyrek Coger of Upper Room Christian Academy to a game of one on one at the Reebok Breakout Challenge.  You can tell that Coger’s comments before the game definitely irritated Wall.  

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Little Wayne Sings Take Me Out To The Ball Game

-+*Little Wayne is making the rounds these days, but there’s nothing like having Weezy lead a stadium full of baseball fans in the seventh inning tradition of singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”. That was good, but there’s nothing quite like Roseanne singing the national anthem..

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Dragon Baby Knows Kung-Fu

-+*This is definitely one of my kids most favorite videos of the year. Who doesn’t like a baby who knows kung-fu? Here’s a little behind the scenes action….

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Georgia Fan Is A Dougie All-Star

-+*I thought I would save this until we played Georgia, but it’s just wrong to sit on this type of video Gold!  John Wall better red-neckognize and take some notes on how to Dougie from this Georgia fan!

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Tennessee Facial Hair

-+*Even though this is a Tennessee fan (and you know how I feel about UT fans) I have to admit that I’m very impressed by this stache.  It even gives Allen Cutler competition.    

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Ole Miss Coed Does A Face Plant

-+*  It’s Bid Day at Ole’ Miss!! How exciting for a young woman that can’t wait to join a sorority. That is unless you’re the girl that takes a face plant around the 23 second mark…

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Utah State Kicker Gets Smoked

-+*I’m not sure what to say except…”OUCH”. I’m sure most kickers are thinking that an onside kick is going to be uneventful as far as they’re concerned. They don’t have to worry about making their way down field and positioning themselves to make the tackle if the person returning the ...

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