Big 3 Talks to Phil Simms about Basketball in Kentucky; Huh?

The Big 3 has an article on their homepage talking about the Hometown Hoops of Lexington as they try to tie in Kentucky to their league.

They had a hard time finding ways to tie in the event since there isn’t one player from Kentucky playing, but they did talk to former Morehead State quarterback Phil Simms about basketball in Kentucky and how it played a part in his childhood.

“The craze for basketball down there is real, there’s no question,” said Simms, who didn’t play hoops in high school but said he was good in pickup games with his friends. Simms was a University of Louisville fan, because that’s the city where he grew up, but he added that most of his friends rooted for the University of Kentucky.

“And of course once you go across the state, get out of the Louisville region, it’s all Kentucky,” said Simms. “Kentucky basketball is just something you’re truly born into. It’s part of the culture.”

When you think of Lexington, Kentucky, you think of basketball – and the place to see the best basketball in Lexington is Rupp Arena – home of the Kentucky Wildcats and one of the most iconic basketball arenas in the country. This Sunday, it will be hosting Week 7 of the BIG3.

“When I saw the schedule and saw we were playing in Kentucky – and that we were playing in Rupp Arena – the first thing I thought about was, ‘Wow!’” said Rashard Lewis, player/captain for the 3-Headed Monsters. “Kentucky … this legendary basketball place …

“The BIG3 coming to Rupp Arena is going to be history.”

Surprisingly, there are no BIG3 players from the Bluegrass State. Four BIG3 players – Kenyon Martin and James White from Trilogy and DerMarr Johnson and Ruben Patterson from 3’s Company – played college ball at the university of Cincinnati, less than two hours from Lexington. The 3-Headed Monsters’ Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, back when he was at LSU and went by the name of Chris Jackson, last played at Rupp Arena in 1990. He scored 41 in a tough loss to Kentucky that day.

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Is anyone else surprised they spoke to Phil Simms, a self-professed Louisville fan growing up, to talk about basketball that will be played in Rupp Arena??

I believe I could come up with a couple of former Kentucky basketball players to talk to, couldn’t you?

Heck, there is one sitting courtside:

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