Baylor’s Isaiah Austin Runs His Mouth about Kentucky

isaiah austin

isaiah austin

Baylor center Isaiah Austin has filled the Kentucky Basketball locker room with enough bulletin board material that Jerry Jones might have to put another one.

Check this out:

“Coming out of high school, everyone wants to go with the hype,” he said. “Kentucky was the hype. … I made the best decision for me coming here. Coach [Scott] Drew is just as great a coach as coach [John] Calipari. We have just as great as faculty and staff. … Kentucky is not better than us in any way, shape or form.”

Read Baylor basketball player Isaiah Austin: ‘Kentucky is not better than us in any way, shape or form’ by clicking here.

Welp, I guess we will all find out the answer to this Friday night.


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  • Jim Taylor

    Reminds me of Areosmith. “Dream on”

  • Larn

    Was he thinking he was on the girls team? How many Banners does the Baylors men have???

  • bonnie

    Mr. Austin, just might have to eat CROW!! GEEZ I HATE eating crow! TASTES LIKE A BAYLOR!! It leaves that nasty taste in your mouth…….GRRRRRR! What IS A BAYLOR ANYWAY??? MM..oh NOW I SEE, …….HOPE YOU HAVE A BEARY NASTY GAME!!!

  • Sandi Lowe

    r u jealous?? BBN is going to show come tomorrow night what we r like and u aint gonna like it WE R UK WE BETTER THAN UU IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE TAKE THAT TO THE BANK

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  • Jonathan Matheis

    I am wondering what prompted him to respond in this manner. Was he replying to a question from a reporter? While I have absolutely no issue with a young man attending another school because he feels it is in his best interest, I do feel the young man may be a bit biased in comparing Calipari to Drew and saying it is a draw. Drew is a fabulous recruiter, but is showing to be a suspect X and O coach.

  • Jason Bolton

    No need to get all upset BBN,it’s just another case of standing up for your own and being proud of your program. No one has better players, coaches or facilities than UK, but I would never expect another player to say “Yeah, this place is a crap hole, I wish I went to college X”

  • Allan Taylor

    You Mr. Austin and the rest of your teammates had better play the game of your life to beat this team. Coach Ed Cooley of Providence said the same thing last week and you see what the end result of that was. They played their best game and still got beat badly. When you play Kentucky this year, you have to play your absolute best to have a chance. If you play average or have an off shooting nigh, your chances of victory are slim and none and slim just left the country. Have fun getting humbled!

  • Craig Elstun

    Can somebody tell this jackwagon that Kentucky has 8 more National Championships than his team does and Calipari has 4 times the number Final Fours as his coach does!? Not to mention, UK has more WINS than any other team in the history of College Basketball! Yes, we are UK and we are better than your school! Take off your rose colored glasses you idiot! BTW, thanks for the bulletin board material! We’re gonna show you what that “hype” is all about!

  • edro

    im sure Kentucky made your decision easier by not recruiting you

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  • Bluegrassboy

    Isaiah, It’s not that Kentucky is better than you….. O yeah, I guess it kind of is sorry. Anyway good luck with that insurance thing or telemarketing thing or used car lot thing or whatever…

  • ukjb

    You didn’t “Choose” Baylor over Kentucky. Kentucky Never offered you a scholarship… But, ya know… whatever helps you sleep better at night

    • Final Baylor-67 Kentucky-62

      Actually UK did Offer him per ESPN. And who won last Friday? Oh right not UK!

      • ukjb

        you are correct… my mistake… rivals did not have this information… that was a good game. i’d like to see them play again in march.

  • Sue Payton

    I’m glad our team and coach don’t brag and carry on the way other teams do. Sometimes that can come back and bite you in the butt. Go Cats. Win or lose your the best.

  • Kentucky Stud

    AUSTIN, Colli-Stein is coming to town tonight “Merry Christmas Sonny”

  • Lewis Clements


  • junior brock

    kentucky is going to kick baylor butt tonight. you can take that to the bank austin. get ready to eat your words.

  • TruthForNow

    Kentucky may not be “better” than Baylor but every time somebody chooses to run their mouths against Kentucky they get schooled lol.

  • Billy bob joe

    Haha this kid is cute…

  • freetobeme

    u run your mouth we will close your mouth!!!!

  • stephen stallard

    He’d have splinters in his butt if he came to Kentucky.

  • Sarah Loughran

    Grow up little boy!!

  • jones378

    LMFAO!!! He was rite,they beat y’all !!! Go bears! Uk fans suck!

  • cal

    Well I guess you all ate your words lol

  • Angelina

    Sorry hun, I don’t understand what you said. What was that? #BBN for life.

  • DERP

    HAHAHA 2 years in a row Baylor has beaten you, where is all that big talk now HAHAHAHAHA