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I was taught from an early age to love UK! My two favorite teams are UK and whoever plays UofL. I know some fans think that's a little crazy, but that's normal for someone growing up in southeast KY. Follow me on twitter @GO_CATS

Demarcus Cousins Top 10 Plays of 2013-2014 Season


Demarcus Cousins had a spectacular year but was shorted All-Star status at mid-season. Yeah, I’m sure his “temper” might of had something to do with that. That doesn’t mean that don’t recognize a rising star. Today they released Boogie’s top ten plays of this season.

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Fan Finishes Willie Cauley-Stein tattoo


After Michael Gray (@Therealmjeezy) tweeted that he would get a Willie Cauley-Stein tattoo if WCS decided to return to KY, he actually went through with it. Welp, it's def. going down. Stopped buy to peek at @Therealmjeezy getting his @THEwillieCS15 tattoo @KySportsRadio — Lee (@DraftCats) April 19, 2014 @THEwillieCS15 @KySportsRadio done — Michael ...

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John Calipari Compares The NCAA to the former Soviet Union


Over the last few years we’ve listened to Calipari poke fun at the NCAA as by questioning their relevance in today’s major collegiate sports (Baskteball and Football). In his recent book “Players First: Coaching From the Inside Out.” Calipari actually compares the NCAA to the former Soviet Union. The book reads: “The situation reminds me ...

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Aaron Harrison Showing Some Love


If you didn’t love him after hitting three game winning shots, well.. now you have no choice! Friend of mine just posted this on FB-such a sweet sweet kid!!!!! #BBN — Murry (@CaptBoDangles13) April 9, 2014

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Patterson Wearing What We’re All Thinking


Everyone understands that Randle is headed to the NBA. Many more could follow, but what if they all returned for “One More Year”? Patrick Patterson thinks so. Oh how sweet it would be!!! I seriously want one of the shirts that @pdpatt was wearing today! #BBN #OneMoreYear — Heather Bartley (@KYgal_heather) April 9, 2014

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Fans Honor Team At Rupp


This afternoon, fans met the team at the airport and then at Rupp for an end of the season celebration. Here are a few pics from today’s celebration at Rupp. Saw this photo of people waiting in line for tickets for tomorrow's celebration. Gotta love #BBN. See you tomorrow… — Rupp Arena (@Rupp_Arena) April ...

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Relive Kentucky’s Blow Out Win Over Florida (2003)


I remember this game like it was yesterday. My favorite quote: Dick Vitale describing Florida’s play as “this is embarrassing”. We have the talent, we’re playing at home, and it’s College Game Day. If everyone comes ready to play, the CATS could produce a re-make of the CATS 2003 performance.

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Kentucky’s New Nike Hyper Elite Uniforms


Respect the Past, Represent the Future: University of Kentucky Basketball Inspired by Decades of Dominance on the court, UK will debut their Nike Hyper Elite uniform on February 15 No team in college basketball has more wins (2130) or higher winning percentage (.762) than the University of Kentucky. Its 52 NCAA Tournament appearances and 111 ...

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