Arkansas Coach Mike Anderson Wishes Malik Monk the Best…Just Not in This Game

Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson “recruited the heck” out of Malik Monk when he was in high school. Monk, of course, picked Kentucky over the Razorbacks.

Anderson says he wishes Monk the best in his career, just not in Saturday’s game against his team.

Check out his comments:

“I’ve always thought that Malik would be a tremendous defensive player,” Anderson said. “Like I said, I have known this kid since the eighth grade, a tremendous kid.”

Most of his Razorbacks know Monk from the Razorbacks camps or high school or AAU ball.

“We worked hard, recruited the heck out of him,” Anderson said. “I wish him the best, just not in this game. But I do wish him the best in his career. In terms of this game, this is not Monk versus the Arkansas kids, but Arkansas versus Kentucky, and our guys are looking forward to going on the road and trying to steal one.”

Anderson knows it would be stealing one to upend Kentucky’s team filled with freshmen so fantastic that several Wildcats rookies could join Monk next season in the NBA.

“You look at talent and line our guys up against their guys and there’s no way,” Anderson said. “But that’s why you play the game. One thing our guys will do, they will compete.”

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