Are the Harrison Twins Feeling the Pressure?


One half of the Harrison twins posted the above photo on Instagram, a newspaper article with their photo side by side U of L’s Russ Smith… and Andrew captioned the photo – Lol what is pressure

Is Andrew feeling the pressure?

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  • Wanda Roberts

    All the Harrison Twins will be feeling is the love from all the Kentucky Wildcat fans!

  • Dwight Bolin

    HAHAHA! There’s no such thing as “Pressure”, it’s just an opportunity to succeed. GO BIG BLUE!!!

    • ukjb

      couldn’t have said it better myself

  • catlett

    Kind of silly to act like a photo of the guys checking out a female fan gets turned into pressure :-)

    In any event the way I count it the score is 8 to 3. Get 5 more before we get another one then let’s talk.