Antoine Walker on 1995-96 Kentucky Team: “Our team is the best ever in college basketball”

Antoine Walker believes the 1995-96 Kentucky Wildcats are the best team to ever play college basketball.

Walker spent some time Thursday with Rick Kamla and John Michaels on The Midday Show in Atlanta.

Here are some of his comments:

“I think our team is the best ever in college basketball,” Walker said when asked if his team would beat the 2011-12 team from Kentucky that featured Anthony Davis.

Michaels asked Walker to elaborate. “Best ever? Even better than the Las Vegas teams?”

“Yeah, if you look at our body of work we had 10 pros, our margin of victory, the way we won, the way we played. I think we’re the best college basketball team ever,” said Walker. “It’s not just the fact that I think we’re better than that 2012 team at Kentucky, we’re the best ever. I’ll argue up and down and go through the numbers. We can go back and forth, but all you gotta do is look at out body of work. I think we’d win.”

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Listen to the interview:

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