Anthony Davis & John Wall fill out NCAA Tournament Bracket Sheet

Anthony Davis Warmups

Former Kentucky greats Anthony Davis and John Wall had a little spare time on their hands so they filled out NCAA Tournament Brackets. Wall and Davis have different predictions for this young Kentucky basketball team. Wall has Kentucky getting beat by Wichita State while Davis has UK winning the National Title.

John Wall Bracket


Anthony Davis Bracket



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About the Author

Chad Pugh
I am a die hard Kentucky fan, and I love being able to cover UK sports. I've had season football tickets for 17 years. Follow me on twitter @ChadPugh_NOB.
  • Grant

    I really like Anthony Davis’ optimism… I’m with him!

  • Christy

    John Wall is probably closer to correct, but I think I know why we won in 2012. A complete and unwavering belief by their leader!

    • Jeff Schrembs

      Excellent point.

  • joan

    I hope Anthony Davis is right.He might be the angel speaking that we need.

  • tim

    Terrible penmanship from both these gentlemen…

    • Jeff Schrembs

      I care more about the young men they have become, their commitment to UK and BBN, how they play, etc. and their penmanship is obviously lacking but it was good enough to write million dollar checks to charities this year.

    • Just Saying

      When you are millionaries don’t have to worry about penmanship! Checkout other millionaries that don’t play sports their penmanship is terrible! Thats why they have assistiants to do their writing!!

    • Mike Minnehan

      Who cares ?

    • Kelly Evans

      who cares about the penmanship! I doubt they thought they would be critiqued for penmanship on BRACKET!! really!

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  • Jeff Schrembs

    Anthony Davis is a much deserved STAR in the NBA. This young man is what is “good” about the “one and dones”. They are loyal to UK, give of their money and time, and always are respectful of BBN. No matter how this NCAA tourney plays out,, and I hope UK finds a way to win it all, we can be proud of the players who wore the jerseys in the past as well as those who wear them now.

  • Tommy Burgin

    Aint got a good enough point guard for UK to go all the way! Could of beat FL Sunday if couch Cal had put Polson in the last 15sec. Would of total thrown Fl off guard and the senior would of prevailed! My opinion…just saying! Regardless LET’S GO BIG BLUE!