Anthony Davis has New Endorsement Deal

Anthony Davis tore it up last week for the New Orleans Pelicans as he averaged 22 points and 10 rebounds.

Davis also gained a new endorsement deal, this one with H&R Block.

New Orleans Pelicans forward-center Anthony Davis entered the NBA naïve of his new tax responsibility.

All of a sudden he had a complicated tax situation. He was a new millionaire, had multiple streams of income, was taxed in multiple states and cities for his work in those locations and had several deductions.

“It was a hassle dealing with taxes,” Davis said. “It gets complicated.”

When H&R Block looked for an NBA player to partner with, and when Davis searched for non-sports endorsement deals, they found each other.

Davis reached an endorsement deal — his first one that doesn’t involve sports — with H&R Block that will be announced Monday, and he will star in a tax-season commercial.

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It sounds like Davis has added to his income while telling everyone how they can figure out how to take care of their own.

Oh, and get his taxes done for free too.

Check out highlights of Davis from last night as he had 19 pts in the 1st quarter.

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