Anonymous Coaches Say Mike Krzyzewski is Most Powerful Person in College Basketball

CBS Sports says they interviewed some anonymous coaches and asked them “who is the most powerful person in college basketball?”

According to their poll, it’s Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski.

John Calipari is No. 2 on the list:

Some quotes about Coach K and Coach Cal:

On Mike Krzyzewski …

“It’s K because of his USA Basketball influence. … His thoughts have more weight than anybody else’s. And I would think, probably with Nike, he has juice there too.”

“Coach K is the biggest deal in our sport. And the USA Basketball thing is what took it to another level. He gets [expletive] done. Who else could get that Marvin Bagley deal done like him? And he’s bullet-proof too. Corey Maggette situation. Nothing comes of it. Lance Thomas situation. Nothing comes of it. Totally bullet-proof. Have to respect it.”

“He’s coached the best in the world with USA Basketball, won all those gold medals and titles. He’s got Nike influence. And did you see Kevin Durant at Peach Jam? Who’s the coach KD went out of his way to stop and talk with? Coach K. Kids notice that.”

On John Calipari …

“He’s under 60, in the Hall of Fame and is recruiting the very, very best of the best. His name is floated for every NBA job out there. … He’s famous figure outside of just college basketball. People know him, and what really made it happen for him was the 30 for 30.”

“He’s successful, a trendsetter, outspoken and polarizing. Even if you you don’t follow college basketball, you know Coach Cal.”

“He’s changed how people do things. He’s changed the mindset of parents and of players. He’s made everyone up their game in terms of facilities and doing everything first class and trying to be big time. He by far has the most power in college basketball. Even Coach K has changed what he does because of what Calipari’s doing.”

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