Andrew Wiggins’ Host Mom says Spotlight at Kentucky Could be Too Much

The Andrew Wiggins recruitment has always been thought to be between Kentucky and Florida State, with Kentucky surely to be the favorite.

Well, this statement by Andrew Wiggins’ host makes me think Florida State could be in the lead.

Also, a little tidbit for rivalry week, as Louisville’s Gorgui Dieng has been trying to persuade Wiggins away from Kentucky.

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I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.


  1. tell the dummy to shut the heck up!!!

  2. You mean he wants to play college basketball and go to the NBA because he doesn’t like the spotlight? What does he think it will be like in the NBA?

  3. or he does want to be the center of attention, which he will not be at UK, and just doesn’t want to admit as to not appear selfish

  4. UK is not for everyone…only a few

    • mattie.hamilton

      yes only the few who can be bought

      • Hmmmmm….wonder why they never get caught, OR could this just be coming from the mouth of a VERY jealous person????

        • mattie.hamilton

          there is no time table with the ncaa.someone is gonna get pissed and talk and then the cat will be out of the bag.doesn’t matter how long it’s been.there is not a statue of limitations when it comes to the ncaa rules. i am not jealous of that crooked bunch.

          • knowsmattiehamiltonsucksdick

            Jealous, yes you are. need more dick?

          • mattie.hamilton

            hmmmm.seems i have ruffled some feathers on here. which i love not only are the sucky cat fans are sore losers. but have a nasty mouth as well.enjoy your losses boys.

    • Timmy Tarheel Hill

      yeah he calipari would ruin this kids rep

    • KnowsBasketball

      amen david. that mattie *hore” has nothing better to do than troll the BEST TEAMS blogs. nc loser’s can’t win with all their cheaters moving on. GOBIGBLUE. SEE YA IN aPRIL MATTIE…not!! lmfao

      • mattie.hamilton

        knows basketball your name is a joke.if you really know basketball the you know sucky has NO chance but the nit come and the boosters ran out of perks .sad it is cause they could have a team like last year.i will see the sucky cats in march in the little dance. i am laughing as i type .love to make those’s sucky cat fans mad.i do have better things to do but i enjoy this so much more.enjoy your losses sucky cat man.

        • KnowsBasketball

          put your money where your mouth is “knowledge”. can you spell ignorance????Doubt it, lol

        • Don’t you have a team of your own to cheer for?? Or do you spend your every day and night sweating UK dead?? Funny thing is, 2012 TITLE is in Rupp, Where’s your teams title(s)?? LMAO at this lame

          • mattie.hamilton

            title is up now .the question is for how long? then we will see who get’s the last laugh.oh, i almost forgot not really sure why the word crook makes the sucky fans so mad. since cal was voted ” the most crooked this past summer in that poll by his peers. it’s my business who i cheer for but i will tell you anybody who plays sucky is one of them.lmao.

          • What coaches voted him that way? Back up your statements.

          • mattie.hamilton

            well nightcap you must not keep up with your team . i think cbs.sports did that poll this past summer and cal was voted the most crooked by his peers.not sure what coaches must be behind because all the sucky fans was

          • knowsmattiehamiltonsucksdick

            he can’t. he makes it up. surprised he has gotten this far

          • mattie.hamilton

            really? a sore loser you are

          • knowsmattiehamiltonsucksdick

            mattie, kentucky fans are too smart for you to try your sh&t on:your ignorance is showing

          • mattie.hamilton

            they are not too smart they keep replying to my posts.

        • Sucky Cat Man??? Hey y’all watch out, We’ve got a badass over here!!

  5. Host mom says some things. Sounds legit.

  6. host mom? What the heck is that?

  7. Timmy Tarheel Hill

    thats awesome let him come to carolina we would love him in carolina blue.

  8. KnowsBasketball

    mattie bingHAM hamilton needs to get her trolling a77 back to that loser team of her

    , nc. Only loser’s hate cal:jealous much??lol, we will be there in April but your school’s cheating a$$ won’t . WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • mattie.hamilton

      keep posting .i love far as cheating .uk is king.i do have a S I cover that says ky’s shame tells about uk’s cheating.don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house .lol

      • KnowsBasketball



      • KnowsBasketball



        • mattie.hamilton

          trolling is such fun

          • Especially when you don’t back up what you say.I was told that is someone with a lot of hot air lol

          • mattie.hamilton

            don’t have to back up anything.everyone knows how that crooked coach is getting all his player’s only the sucky cat fans are too stupid to see it.

      • Good advice you should take it.

        • mattie.hamilton

          no the sucky fans should take it.they talk about all the other teams cheating when they are the biggest cheater’s of all time .from rupp to paypalcal.sending money to player’s cheating on exams.selling out to other teams.sucky has had some good ones crook coaches,drunk coaches, you name it.

        • By the way did you say what glass house you live or you afraid to tell it.

  9. Whole lot of “other” team fans on this UK link… Got to love the ENVY!!! Keep your comments on your own teams page, and get the hell off this page….. As for the NIT, you all are smoking something good. UK might be a 7/8 seed in the BIG DANCE come March, and I know for ALL you “haters” that’s a win for you all, when its UK, but the bottom line is, don’t NOBODY want to meet UK in the Tourny in March.

    • KnowsBasketball

      A Big Amen jason. Even the opposing coaches are ranking us top 10 or so. 2+ months from now, opponents will be trying
      to keep from getting blown out. this team is different but deadly.

  10. disqus_iY1oCO7jbm

    Karen sypher!!! Lol! Pitino is a cheater…just ask his wife! Lmao!

    • mattie.hamilton

      cheating on your wife is not the same as cheating in basketball.but since you did call rick a cheater .who was that lovely young lady on paypalcal’s arm at the derby this past it wasn’t his wife.the lady was a blonde .cal’s wife has dark hair.tell us that.

      • Prove it Mattie otherwise you are slandering his good name.

        • mattie.hamilton

          no i want the sucky cat fans to prove to everyone who saw him on tv with this lady to tell us who she is.paypal cal was showed on national tv on derby day at the derby with a lady who is not his slandering here.

          • When one makes an accusation, it is inherent for THEM to prove….Not for the one accused to defend. Cal has NEVER been found guilty of ANY NCAA violations, or even slightly implicated in any wrongdoing. Just because his teams SPANK the rest while abiding by the rules… #sourgrapes

          • mattie.hamilton

            in your dreams jeff that cal plays by any rules.he just wants people to think he does.

        • mattie.hamilton

          good name? i hope you are kidding .why don’t you take a trip down to memphis and see how good of a name he has there.

  11. shut up. your are very jealous. No one talks this way unless they are jealous

  12. Whoevedr this mattie person is needs to SHUT UP or prove what she has to say…better yet…she needs to STAY on the Haters Page and leave UK alone…U of L fans are 99% Haters…UK Fans don’t like the HATERS…GO AWAY Mattie!!!!!

  13. knowsmattiehamiltonsucksdick

    he will pick kentucky. he wants a ring

    • mattie.hamilton

      if he picks sucky it’s because he wants more than a ring just like anthony