Andrew Wiggins Gaining More Suitors

Andrew Wiggins wants to open up his recruitment a little bit and see what other schools have to offer other than just Kentucky and Florida State.

Many have thought for some time that Kentucky will be where Wiggins will play college basketball, but the current 2014 recruit wants to do some window shopping to see what other schools have to offer.

Schools have also gained interest because of the commitment of James Young to Kentucky.

Because Young and Wiggins are both wing players, schools like North Carolina, Kansas, Ohio State and Syracuse may now have added motivation to recruit the player most everyone agrees is the best non-NBA player in North America.

Still, Fulford said Wiggins is so unselfish, competitive and confident in his own abilities, that he wouldn’t necessarily rule out Kentucky simply because they have added other talented wing players.

“No, Andrew’s an extremely unselfish palyer so I don’t know that that would have a determining factor on his school choice, as to what guys are there or what guys aren’t there,” Fulford said.

Calipari was at Huntington to see Wiggins the day the Harrisons committed. And Fulford reiterated that Wiggins still could potentially play with the Harrisons and Young, in what one NBA Director of Scouting told would be the greatest recruiting class ever.

“Obviously, it’s not like they all can’t play together,” Fulford said. “I think some of the other schools maybe feel like they have a window now.”

He added: “It takes certain personalities to be able to coexist like that. Obviously, Andrew is one of those guys who can do that because he’s fairly unselfish.”

Kentucky fans shouldn’t get too excited about this, I would still bet the farm that Andrew Wiggins ends up in Lexington, no matter what class he decides to commit.

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