Andrew Wiggins Brother Nick Says UK Is Not The Best Fit


Kyle Tucker of Courier-Journal asked Andrew Wiggins’s brother Nick (Wichita State) about Kentucky. He doesn’t think it’s the best fit for Andrew after seeing UK fail with a young team this year.

What do you think Andrew Wiggins’ decision will be now? Will he or will he not?


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  1. Brandon the Average

    can’t handle being a little fish in a big pond, wants to be the big fish in a little pond. Is that about right?

  2. I don’t see him coming to UK. But, would be nice if he did.

  3. when you don’t have much in terms of upperclassmen leadership (like they will next year with WCS, Poythress, and Wiltjer), and your PG is too quiet to really run Cal’s offense, it is hard to succeed. The incoming class will not have these problems.

    I will agree that the class is loaded, but he can easily make a legacy at UK. After watching the McD’s All-American game, I’m convinced that Randle, Wiggins, and Johnson would make up the best frontcourt in the nation.

    • willy starts for sure next year, wiggins,randle and alex push for time, and johnson will come in for willy.

  4. Darnell Pendergrass

    What he know

  5. good luck ware ever he goes

  6. 40-0 Not a legacy?

  7. what Nick doesn’t understand is that Andrew will leave a legacy anywhere he goes; he also doesn’t understand that to develop you need to be challenged in practice, not beat your man at-will because there isn’t talent there to challenge you; finally, how do you showcase nba talent? by playing with nba talent around you to give the league an idea of what you’ll do surrounded by nba talent…Andrew knows these things, and he’ll want them…it doesn’t mean UK is a lock, but there as good as anyone on his list, if not better…

  8. We’ll see for sure what kind of kid he really is. They keep saying he doesn’t like all the attention. At UK he won’t get all the attention with this class coming in but at Florida St he will have to be the man game in game out. So his school choice will tell what kind of person he really is. And his little brother is an idiot, in the last 4 years UK has been to an elite 8, 2 final 4’s and a national championship and 17 NBA drafted players, I think Coach Cal is the perfect coach and UK the perfect place for him. Maybe little brother NIck is jealous he couldn’t play here and doesn’t even start for Wichita St.

  9. rapping about it? lol Don’t believe Nick Wiggins is very bright!

  10. He either come or he wont,i wouldnt get tore up over it

  11. he dont want him to go to uk because he dont want to get humiliated on a national stage in next years NCAA tournament by his little brother. LMFAO

  12. that sign he is holding up is the same sign all the other uk recruits are holding up in this pic. dont worry BBN we got him. DY9NASTY

  13. Jerry McDaniel

    His brother went to Wichita Sate, what does he know? Wiggens needs UK more than UK needs him right now, he would be guaranteed No. 1 pick if he is a Wildcat, otherwise Randle may pass him up if they are not teammates. It is almost a given that the 2014 number 1 pick will be a Wildcat. The best chance that Andrew has would be Kansas and they would have a slight chance at beating us in the finals.

  14. I hope he comes but I am not gonna cry if he doesn’t, one player cant make or break a Great team…… Only reason he would not go to UK is fear of not being able to compete but I dont think he has that problem. see Mr wiggins in Blue next year.

  15. old news

  16. He’ll never have a “legacy”, wherever he goes, he’s a “one and done” more than likely! So he should go where he can get the best exposure and the best preparation for the next level!

    • Wrong! Gilchrist and Davis were one and done’s, and they are living legacy’s in Kentucky and around the Nation! John Wall was a one n done, and he is a legacy! If you are as talented as Wiggins, Kentucky is the place to become a legacy! If he plays for some inferior team, he will get double and triple teamed. That would definately hurt his game at the D1 level. There is a reason Kentucky is putting way more players in the pros than any other school. Playing with talent makes you better!

  17. Shut up Nick!!!…LOL

  18. His legacy??? U kidding me??? Go somewhere else if its all about you Wiggins. Ask A.Davis or M. Gilchrist about their legacies. They learned how to play team ball and won a national championship.

  19. Lawrence Staton

    Really what it comes down to is… Does he want National exsposure? Does he want to play on a team coached by someone proven he can get you to the next level? Does he want to be challenged every game? Can he be a team first player? Does he want to win and get a National Championship? If he answers yes to any of these then UK is the place for him. If he didn’t want all the attention like some have said he would’ve already made his decision. With everyone else. If he doesn’t come here that is his decision. His brothernd can say all he wants. Fact is he’s no Adrew. With the returners we have and the class coming in the competition for playing time should make for a lot of hustle and playing like a team. If not we’ve got subs…. Something we have been thin on in the past.

  20. Uk is the only school for him if he wants a title his only year in college! he may not get all the playing time or score all the points but Davis and MGK didn’t either and they went #1and#2 in the draft. If he goe’s anywhere else then he probably wont get that title he want’s! you can’t go pro and then want to go back and play in college to get that title they all want so don’t screw up, make the right choice.

  21. thumbs down wiggins

    wiggins if you can’t decide… then you are an indecisive person and that will not work for you in life.

  22. thumbs down wiggins

    Wiggins – Indecisive!


    to leave a legacy at UK judging from the people in my mind that have left legacies, You have to win a national Championship (Anthony Davis, MKG, Antoine walker, Ron Mercer, Walter Mccarty, Anthony Epps, etc.) You have to stay more than one year like a few I named earlier, u have to play the game the way it is supposed to be played ( the unforgettables, mashburn, Rex, jack Givens, MKG) I know I am leaving a lot out, but the point being, he could leave a legacy at UK, that depends on him!


    and jus saying, I think Nick needs to be focused on beating Louisville,

  25. he just doesnt like uk and look at next years class. they said this years classs is suppose to be better than anthony davis’s class

  26. You shouldnt have a second thought about Kentucky

  27. Calipari will take you, and you are in the biggest fan nation ever

  28. Michael Cardwell

    UNC fan nation is bigger!