Add Phillip Fulmer to the List of Possibles as Next Kentucky Coach


Yesterday, I posted a tweet from that listed David Cutcliffe and Tommy Tuberville as possible replacements for Joker Phillips if and when he is fired. has their list as well, but they added a name most Kentucky fans already know.


Current Coach: Joker Phillips

Chance of Survival: 1%

Wildcat Fans Want: Jon Gruden, Chris Peterson, or another big name

UK’s Real Top Choice: Phillip Fulmer, David Cutcliffe or Sonny Dykes.

Our Take: Phillips pried open his tomb with a good showing against Georgia a week ago… only to have the crypt slam back shut on him Saturday at Missouri. A return by freshman quarterback Patrick Towles was expected to provide a bit more hope for the future, but Towles and UK looked very poor in Saturday’s 33-10 rout in Columbia. We initially thought Fulmer would ixnay the idea of heading to Lexington and taking on a rebuilding project, but a source close to the coach recently gave us a “not so fast” on that one. It’s believed Fulmer — whose buyout money from Tennessee ends this year — wants desperately to end his career with more victories than former UT legend Robert Neyland. We still find it hard to believe the 62-year-old Fulmer would take the job, but Rich Brooks made it work at UK in his 60s. Ron Zook’s name was even thrown out to us as a possible D-coordinator and star recruiter for Fulmer’s hypothetical staff. Sorry, still not buying. Have to see it to believe it. Same with Cutcliffe. He’s already a hero at one basketball school. Unless he feels he’s got something to prove in the SEC, why make a lateral move? Dykes, on the other hand, is a former UK assistant and he’s taken many of Derek Dooley’s old players at Louisiana Tech and turned them into a BCS-ranked team. Young coach, exciting offense, ranked team. But would he jump at a Kentucky offer or wait for a better/easier job elsewhere? UK’s all over the board with potential hires, but we feel safe in saying Phillips is done.

If I am excited about one name, it is Sonny Dykes of Louisiana Tech.

High powered offense is what Kentucky fans want.

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About the Author

Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • hornplayer48

    I think Dykes would be a good hire, but UK would need to give him a better than average salary. As with any coach in the football ranks, UK needs to negotiate a contract that makes it not so a great idea for a coach to jump ship. Good Coach and RETENTION are important factors.

  • RichardBiggieSmallzBell

    I have talked to players on the teams and the rumors in the locker room is chris peterson is who the admin are talking too and that some players want petrino.

  • Ron Walls

    Fulmer would be a bust and would not improve ticket sales, es[ecially mine. I would just give up on them all together.

  • Frankie Landrum


  • Scott Taylor

    Why in the heck would you hire Sonny Dykes…haven’t you seen what a Louisiana Tech coach is doing in the SEC….(see Tennessee)

  • Scott Taylor

    here’s some names… Jim Tressell, John Gruden, Mike Leach, Joker…lol…just kidding..the caiach at Louisville. or Western’s Coach….Derrick Dooley will be available once again just kidding

    • Andrew Louden

      Tressel has a five year show cause penalty

  • Johnny Penny

    why are you guys even considering these names…pull the money out of your pockets and get a big name coach here like you did with John Calapari or are you afraid that football will take away from Basketball sales and UK basketball wont be a household name in Kentucky anymore? C’mon guys….Kentucky has better class than that and furthermore UK needs to consider replacing Barnhart and give an AD who cares about the university and not an” all about the buck” AD.

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