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UK2K And Counting!

What does confetti snow angels, “Cool And The Gang” and forty points all have in common? That’s right, It’s Kentucky’s 2,000 Win!

Announcers for the game included one of Kentucky’s favorite alumni Jamal Mashburn and the famous Jimmy Dykes (insert sarcasm here). He’s not famous and he’s quickly moving up my list of most annoying commentators. He did his job and tried to make it sound like Kentucky had major defensive lapses when playing low profile teams. If it was the first game of the season I would understand, but if you’ve watched just the highlights of the last three games, you would know that there is no way this team was losing to Drexel.

Demarcus Cousins got things going by scoring the first four points of the game and you could just tell that tonight was going to be a good night (insert Black Eyed Peas music here). DeAndre Liggins made a few plays including a three point shot that looked like he’d been in the rotation all season. He’s quickly become my dark-horse favorite for the rest of the season. If he keeps this up, I can see him splitting time between Dotson and Miller.

At the break, Kentucky lead by a cool thirty six. When Calipari was interviewed while going into the locker room, he mentioned Liggins and Bleadsoe’s energy being a difference maker. Now I’m not saying those guys weren’t hustling and they are two of my favorite players,…but is he really watching the same game I was watching? How about Cousins and Patterson?

When the second half started, the Wildcats continued right where they left off. Eventually stretching the lead out to fifty and eventually the third string squad took the floor as Calipari put it on cruise control.

Stat Game Season Avg Opp Season Avg
Drexel Kentucky Drexel Kentucky Drexel Kentucky
Points 44 88 60 81 62 64
FG Att 55 58 56 58 51 59
FG Made 17 31 22 29 20 22
FG Pct 30.9 53.4 39.8 50.1 39.9 37.9
FT Att 7 19 18 23 24 16
FT Made 5 17 11 16 17 11
FT Pct 71.4 89.5 63.6 69.9 69.5 67.3
3pt FG Att 17 13 16 15 12 21
3pt FG Made 5 9 4 6 4 7
3pt FG Pct 29.4 69.2 29.2 42.1 34.2 35.4
Rebounds 22 45 35 42 36 30
Off Rebs 8 14 11 15 11 12
Def Rebs 14 31 24 26 25 17
Team Rebs 1 3 3 2 4 3
Assists 10 20 12 16 10 12
Steals 7 8 6 7 5 7
Blocks 4 6 3 7 4 3
Turnovers 15 14 13 16 14 14
Fouls 14 8 21 15 17 20

After the game it rained confetti as the team put on their black “UK2K” T-Shirts. Adoph Rupp’s son, Joe B. Hall and Junior Patrick Patterson all spoke to the crowd of 24,354 . Paterson thanked the fans and told Hazel and Karen Keightley that they (the team) knew Mr. Keightley was watching and they loved them. WOW!…Classy words from the Junior.

One of the most concerning moments during the game was when Jimmy Dykes reffered to this team as “Cal’s Kids”. I actually cringed and got weak when I heard this. Does he actually think this sounds good? He said it more than once in an obviouse attempt to make it stick, but Mashburn wasn’t playing into it. I actually think he was embarrassed for him. You know, like when your mom or dad would say something they thought was so cool and it did nothing but embarrass you in front of your friends. It was just like that!

We’ve got to come up with a new name before someone actually runs with this. If you have any ideas, please leave them as a comment in the bottom of this post.

Next stop Long Beach State as we go for #2001! Keep Rolling Cats!

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