Northern Kentucky Penalized by UIFL is Eastern Kentucky’s Gain

The Northern Kentucky River Monsters have been stripped of their #1 seed and dropped to a 4 seed because of exceeding the UIFL’s weekly salary cap.
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The most extensive of the sanctions were levied against the Northern Kentucky River Monsters.

The league, through a thorough internal investigation, determined that the organization violated the league’s salary cap policies.

In games throughout the season, it was determined that the River Monsters went over the weekly player salary cap.

Since the league policy didn’t extensively spell out the sanctions for the violations, the UIFL didn’t require a forfeiture of any games.

Instead, the River Monsters – despite securing the best record in the regular season – will be the fourth seed in the upcoming Ultimate Indoor Football League playoffs, and will travel to Saginaw on June 3 for the first round. The sanctions cost Northern Kentucky at least one home playoff game.
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[B]A source has told me the player in question who was getting paid above the league’s weekly pay scale is Jared Lorenzen.[/B]

[B]The source told me that Lorenzen was getting paid $2000 a week, when the maximum a player can be paid is $500.00.[/B]

The winners out of this situation is the Eastern Kentucky Drillers.

The Drillers will now host a first round game in Pikeville versus either the Huntington Hammer or the Johnstown Generals.

Potentially, if the Drillers win their first round game, they could host the 1st UIFL Championship game in Pikeville, Kentucky.

The Northern Kentucky River Monsters would have to win at Saginaw for that to happen, and in doing that they would then have to play the Drillers for the 5th time this season.

I spoke to Drillers’ defensive back David Jones and he was excited about playing in front of the home fans in the playoffs.

“It’s great,” said Jones. “Playing in front of our home fans for the playoffs where we can feed off of them is a plus.”

The Drillers have not lost a game at home this season, and potentially playing Lorenzen again in the finals brings back some memories for Jones.

“It would be like getting ready to play Louisville,” said Jones. “We(Drillers) would be Kentucky, and the River Monsters would be Louisville, because we have more UK players.”

“It would be great to bring a championship to Pikeville.”

The Drillers have one more game in the regular season this Saturday, and they will play Northern Kentucky for the fourth time.

This may not be the last time we see this matchup this season.

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