Nation of Blue Mobile Apps

[LEFT][SIZE=2][I]If you have an Android, click any Android link to get the app. If you have an iPhone, click on any iPhone link to get the app. Android users can also get the app by opening the Android Market and searching for NofB or Nation of Blue.[/I][/SIZE][/LEFT]

[CENTER][B][SIZE=5]Kentucky Wildcats App for [URL=”″]Android[/URL] and [URL=”″]iPhone[/URL][/SIZE][/B][/CENTER]

The Nation of Blue App is now available on [URL=”″]Android[/URL] and [URL=”″]iPhone[/URL]!

[*][LEFT][SIZE=2]Friendly and timely content you have come to expect from Nation of Blue.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[*][LEFT][SIZE=2]UK Basketball, Football and UK Hoops Schedules[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[*][LEFT][SIZE=2]Seating charts for the Kentucky Wildcats venues.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[*][LEFT][SIZE=2]Rosters, record holders, Wildcat Videos and Wildcat photos.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[*][LEFT][SIZE=2]Listen to NofB podcasts, The Morning Drive and Big Blue Breakdown anywhere, anytime.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[*][LEFT][SIZE=2]Interact with other app users through comments on NofB content and the Fan Wall.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[*][LEFT][SIZE=2]Check out what is happening on the NofB UK Wildcats Forum.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[*][LEFT][SIZE=2]Follow the NofB staff and writers tweets.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[*][LEFT][SIZE=2]Much, much more![/SIZE][/LEFT]