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Kentucky Wildcats Browser Themes

The University of Kentucky in conjunction with CBS Sports has released some Kentucky Wildcats themes for popular internet browsers. The themes add the UK logo and team colors to your browser while also including areas for UK social media and a breaking news feed. The themes are made available for FREE so there is no reason not to try them out.
[URL=”http:[email protected]om/setup.exe”]Download for Internet Explorer[/URL]

[URL=”http:[email protected]xpi”]Download for Mozilla Firefox[/URL]

[B]Read Carefully:[/B]
This interactive browser theme is made possible through a team of designers, developers and testers in addition to Bing, the default search engine, and Ask. Please, give the search engines a try. By clicking Install, you are accepting the [URL=”http://brandthunder.com/eula”]Brand Thunder License Agreement[/URL]. Thank you!

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