Derek Willis DeCommits from Purdue

Derek Willis has made a lot of news lately, I’ll take that back….Derek Willis’ Father has made [URL=””]a lot of news lately[/URL] talking about everything that enters his mind.

Del Willis, the father of the #19th ranked 2013 recruit by who recently ran his mouth about John Calipari and Rick Pitino, had an interesting quote about his son’s decommitment from Purdue yesterday.

[I]”Most of the time you don’t marry the first girl you date,” Del Willis said. “He didn’t have anything to compare it to.”[/I]

The 6’9″ forward from Bullitt East High School will probably have Kentucky and Louisville inquiring about his recruitment, and I don’t know about you, but [STRIKE]he[/STRIKE] his father sounds like more trouble than he is worth.


[youtube_sc width=430 url=MEMoyRTXBe8]

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