Guess Who Eric Bledsoe had Dinner with Last Night? UPDATED

It looks like Eric Bledsoe, who is a restricted free agent with the Phoenix Suns, had dinner last night with Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley last night.




Read “NBA Free Agency 2014: Eric Bledsoe seen dining with Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra” by clicking here.

Miami can offer Bledsoe and the Suns will have the option of matching to retain him.


SBNation is reporting that Fansided was incorrect in the thinking Eric Bledsoe was at the dinner.

It was newly signed Luol Deng.

Click Here for the story.

H/T to John Clay.

  • Simsatty

    If Bledsoe wasn’t there, you should take down this misleading post.

  • MyMets

    Fake posting, Bledsoe was not there.