Caption Contest! Win a Nation of Blue Scholarship!


Many former Wildcats are rumored to return to Kentucky to take some classes. Jodie Meeks, a former UK star, returned to finish his degree. Even Julius Randle, a Lakers rookie, had expressed that he is ready to come back to UK. Nation of Blue believes that education is of utmost importance. We are giving out a scholarship, and it is open to EVERYONE!

Nation of Blue is happy to announce a partnership with Lexington based to provide a $250 textbook scholarship. To be entered into the raffle for the scholarship, simply leave a caption for the photo below and we will announce the winner on August 15th, 2014.


Put your captions in the box below! THIS IS A RAFFLE: 1 caption = 1 entry. The more captions you put, the more chances of winning! Duplicate captions will be disqualified.

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  1. 1 Championship
    2 NBA Players
    1 Best Recruiter in History
    3 Great Smiles
    5 Eyebrows

  2. And y’all thought John was white

  3. Boogie, the best, and the brow. (submitted by Jeff Schrembs August 1, 2014 @ 1:58am est

  4. Chris Kitchens

    Evolutionary chart of the afro!

  5. Cousins-“See, at this angle they can’t see Coach standing on that chair.”

  6. Rich, Richer, Richest

  7. Once a champion, always a champion. BBN

  8. These guys have all earned their stripes. From the blue and white, to the red white and blue.

  9. The Boogie, The Brow and The Cal

  10. I’m gonna go practice, but first … let me take a selfie :)

  11. But I thought he was the point guard coach.

  12. “Wait! Why are we smiling when Wall just got cut?”

  13. Combo #1

  14. “Hey Demarcus, did you know coach could smile?”

  15. “Let’s play 21, Cal you can break”

  16. “Team USA? You mean Blue and White Scrimmage?”

  17. “It’s easy to smile after Mrs. Cals brownies”

  18. “Rick thinks he might beat us this year!”

  19. “IU thinks they can still compete!”

  20. “Coach K is as smelly as we thought, John”

  21. “Billion Dollar selfie”

  22. “Won and Dones”

  23. “Money Money Money”

  24. “Space Jam 2, Coming Soon”

  25. “Mason Plumlee? Never heard of her”

  26. “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”

  27. “Calapari hosting: Who Wore It Best? Team USA edition”

  28. “A Few Good Men”

  29. “You never should have left boys, now there’s unlimited meals for D1″

  30. “America’s Got Talent”

  31. “Add up all their ages and it’s still not long enough to remember IU’s last championship”

  32. “Team USA, the only time Coach K can get players before Cal”

  33. “Calapari prepares to throw the tip off”

  34. “Three Amigos”

  35. “Remember when LeHigh and Mercer beat Duke?”

  36. big blue america

  37. usa all the way

  38. red, white, and UK blue

  39. From UK to USA

  40. good times with old friends

  41. Cal knows how to pick them

  42. wins, smiles, money

  43. winning.

  44. and this is what you call success

  45. reunited and it feels so good

  46. let’s take a selfie

  47. Cal picks ‘em well

  48. all you can look at is the brow

  49. who’s got the best smile?

  50. SEC representing the red white and blue

  51. throwing a little red and white in with that UK blue

  52. smile, smile, confused by the camera?

  53. cousins, cal, and the brow

  54. ballin’

  55. cousins and davis with team USA’s recruiter

  56. UK alumni game…the USA edition

  57. evidence of what winning does: put smiles on your faces

  58. well, you definitely need a long arm to get all 3 in this selfie

  59. bleeding red, white, and Kentucky blue

  60. getting some inspiration from their old friend and coach

  61. the picture of success

  62. say cheese!

  63. Boogie and the Brow with good ol’ Coach Cal

  64. silver, bronze, and gold? or tall, short, tallest?

  65. this is how UK rolls

  66. gold.

  67. Cal’s got the Midas touch

  68. everyone say BANNER # 9 AND SMILE

  69. Red, White, and Brow

  70. America and Kentucky, the place where you Succeed and proceed

  71. You can take the player out of the nation, but you can never take the nation out of the player. #BBN

  72. The Three Wise Men

  73. Boys are back in town

  74. Throw back Cats

  75. The reunion of a lifetime.

  76. One team, one nation.

  77. The three trolls.

  78. Really another picture?

  79. Say Cheese!!!

  80. Year one then done!

  81. Coach Demarcus Davis

  82. #UK2K8NCUSA

  83. Don’t fear the brow!

  84. One nation, one team, ready to take on the world!

  85. Is this thing on?

  86. But first…let me take a selfie!

  87. Lets get this party started! Kentucky style!

  88. NO pictures please!

  89. We are family! One nation at a time!

  90. Hey Cal, why couldn’t we play in Big Blue Bahamas?

  91. Hey Cal, lets win Ben Bearup a scholarship!

  92. Yes Demarcus! That sounds like a great deal! That would really help him!

  93. Hey Cal! I really love Ecampus and Nation of Blue! They are great partners!

  94. Wow only a few hours until our photo will win some lucky person $250! We are camera pros!

  95. Hey Cal, lets take a quick photo for a raffle! Alright Anthony that sounds great!

  96. Lets take a selfie for a winner!

  97. “Hey Coach Cal…. Do you think we can take a quick picture in order to win Ben Bearup a scholarship?” “That sounds like a great idea Demarcus and Anthony!”

  98. Everyone say #Yahtzee!

  99. Cya in the Bahamas guys!

  100. Hey I wonder if Ben Bearup comments on our picture if he could win?

  101. Cadillac Cats

  102. Please, just try to smile coach

  103. So who’s payin for dinner?

  104. And who said they only cared about getting to the NBA?

  105. 6 years of untapped eligibility

  106. Wildcats Forever

  107. Pretending to smile while around Coach K

  108. Million Dollar Men

  109. Secretaries of Defense

  110. So guys, Im a camera man now

  111. Big Blue Generations

  112. Davis and Cousins playing together? Cats by 90!

  113. Team USA: Made in Kentucky