The Sporting News Ranks Andrew Harrison as Top 5 Point Guard

andrew harrison

Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News has ranked his top 10 point guards and has Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison at #5.

Harrison has not demonstrated elite qualities as a shooter, passer or defender. But he excels at using his size to overwhelm smaller defenders (most are) and either score over them or force fouls. His 208 free throw attempts represented an impressive number for a player who was only moderately active in terms of trying to score. Given his physical qualities and skill set, what would elevate Harrison to elite status is greater intensity on defense — which would lead to better offensive opportunities — and an improved 3-point shot.


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A UNC point guard is considered #1 in the article.

No surprise since they UNC basketball players all that extra time to work on their game when they are supposed to be in class.