John Calipari has to Convince NBA to Take Him?


There is another report of a NBA team interested in having John Calipari as their head coach.

This time it is the Memphis Grizzlies.

Blah, blah, blah.

The real story in the article I read is NBC Sports writer Dan Feldman hammers Coach Cal and says that the Kentucky coach will have a hard time convincing an NBA team to take him.


Here is excerpt:

I believe Calipari likes hearing his name mentioned for NBA jobs. It helps with recruiting and feeds his ego.

But I also believe, after a failed stint with the New Jersey Nets in the 1990s, he wants another shot in the pros.

It might be difficult for him to convince an NBA team to take him, considering how bad the Nets were under his watch and how much his college teams rely on a talent advantage. But the Grizzlies just might be crazy enough to do it. They’re crazy enough to do everything else they’ve done this week.

Calipari has ties to the city, previously coaching the University of Memphis. The Grizzlies also have a roster full of talented veterans who might react well to Calipari’s style.

I don’t think Calipari is an NBA-caliber head coach, but as far as attainable jobs, this might be the best he gets. If he wants another chance in the NBA – even though he has a strong team in place at Kentucky next season – this might be his best opportunity to jump.



Did I miss something?

John Calipari has been linked to every vacancy in the NBA since he arrived at Kentucky and Feldman is trying to say he will have to talk them in to taking him?

Last time I checked, Calipari was saying he isn’t interested in leaving the Bluegrass because he has the best job in basketball.

Yawn, haters going to hate I guess.

  • Teri Oliver

    This is getting. ..NO…THIS IS OLD OLD OLD tired of hearing about a non issue.

  • dale

    He know’s he’s King of College ball and he’s at the best place he could ever land and besides that he is truly loved here in Kentucky

  • dale

    @ scott anderson ,I think you should quit writing bull crap like this and at the same time say you’re a die-hard UK fan, all you’re doing is stirring crap, deep down I think you’re a duke fan or in love with Pitino

  • AMD

    I haven’t heard them knocking down this guy’s door to hire him for his “expertise”. So, perhaps he’s not as b-ball savvy as he thinks himself to be!