Updated Kentucky Basketball Roster

harrison twins

Alex Poythress, Junior
Willie Cauley-Stein, Junior
Andrew Harrison, Sophomore
Aaron Harrison, Sophomore
Dakari Johnson, Sophomore
Marcus Lee, Sophomore
Dominique Hawkins, Sophomore
Derek Willis, Sophomore
Tyler Ulis, Freshman
Devin Booker, Freshman
Karl-Anthony Towns, Freshman
Trey Lyles, Freshman
Sam Malone, Senior*
Tod Lanter, Senior*
Brian Long, Senior*
EJ Floreal, Sophomore*



  • bmills21

    I am honestly shocked that they decided to come back. We’ve got 10 to 12 NBA players on our roster.

  • TheeWise1

    I hope fans won’t put too much pressure on this team, unlike last years. The preseason hype was too much! Lets just say this team looks solid and has a ton of potential!

  • UKNJ

    Glad to see the twins return! They need to work on eliminating the excessive turnovers. and work on improving their speed and quickness(Think UCONN guards. GO UK!)

  • Ms. V

    I am not shocked they returned. I think they were given some good advice. By returning to Kentucky they will triple their value in the NBA. They only started to play team ball at the end of the season, and have not come near what they are capable of. This year will help them reach “some” of those capabilities.

  • Juwan Bronaugh

    Hopefully, next years Cats will be able to show their dominance in games their supposed to win and overcome adversity against the tougher teams they play like the 2012 team