Pelphrey, Rick Pitino wrote letters for leniency for UK legend Richie Farmer

Rick Pitino wrote a letter for leniency for former Wildcat Richie Farmer, see below.

Here’s another one from John Pelphrey, Richie’s teammate under Pitino mostly during the “The Unforgettables” years. Pelphrey now assists Billie Donavon at Florida.



You can download all the letters here.

  • baksak

    He broke the Law. Stop covering up for his bad judgment. He should be treated the same as anyone else. It is sad for his kid but he broke the law…..


      Church! Preach on!

    • ukjb

      I’m torn. I see both sides. Yeah, he screwed up and should pay for it. But on the other hand what point is there in subjecting a kid to a life that he will lead without having the advantage of growing up without a father…