Help Devin Booker Choose his Jersey Number

Remember when Jarrod Polson had to change jersey numbers? Polson wore #5 until Andrew Harrison, who wore number 5 throughout his highschool career, wore it for 2013-14 season. Jarrod Polson took #3 for his senior year.

With the announcement that the Harrison twins are coming back (and #2 already taken by Aaron Harrison), Devin Booker is looking to BBN to help him choose his jersey number.

Even former Cat Darius Miller wants Booker to get #1.

BBN, what jersey # should Devin Booker choose?

What jersey number should Devin Booker choose?

  • 1 (53%, 861 Votes)
  • 9 (17%, 268 Votes)
  • 11 (15%, 239 Votes)
  • 4 (12%, 196 Votes)
  • Other (put your choice in the comments box below) (3%, 50 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,613

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  • Derek Ginn

    Dude he should rock 99

    • Seth

      The highest number available in basketball is 55. You can’t wear a jersey where either digit is higher than a 5.

  • Blair

    Pick the number of the derby winner!

  • Jason Hampton

    Take 9 , cuz you’ll be a big factor in winning number 9

  • tony

    Nine isn’t a legal number morons. This isn’t the NBA.

  • mr.uk78

    should wear #23 or #33

  • Richard Campbell


  • Tim Stacy

    Wear #4 just like one of the best Cats ever, Kyle Macy .

  • Scott

    Double 3’s .. put up the 3’s with each one drained

  • Josh Catron

    Booker should remind us of Keith Bogans TBH. Why not 10?

  • Scott Spears

    Wear #13. Nobody every wears 13.

  • Jay Atwood

    Go with #31, Sam Bowie’s old number!

  • matt


  • Cathy Acquaviva Green

    #32. Would love to see a new chapter written in the history books for that one…a chapter that eclipses previous ones with UK and the BBN at the heart of it! I am super excited about what the future holds and I know you will be an important part of it! Dream big!

  • Terry Roach

    Following Kyle Macy and wearing 4 does sound good. A lot to live up to wearing that number!!! You can rock it!

  • Gary McIntosh

    I think his number should be 3

  • Jason Warrens

    Double 0 for B 00 ker

  • JoAnn Smith

    I think #1, because we are #1!!!!!!! I agree with Miller!!!!

  • Matt

    00 like the two o’s in Booker

  • Frank Heinrichs

    Take # 30. Julius will be proud….

  • Cat fan

    Devin rhymes with 11 … Just sounds good

  • Jman


  • Gaylasue

    11 – That was the number I wore when I played!

  • Daryl Moore

    13 Smash them together for “B” in Booker

  • Thomas Miller

    any news on new asst coach’s

  • Anonymous

    Can’t use 9 or any number with a digit higher than a 5. Take # 11 and make it famous.

  • Tyler

    “Strive for 9″