*Photo: Regina Rickert
*Photo: Regina Rickert

Harrisons discuss decision with Houston tv station

Andrew and Aaron Harrison’s father told a Houston tv station the decision to enter the NBA draft is a work in progress. Harrison says the twins have filed paperwork and are awaiting feedback from NBA representatives. He adds they expect to make a decision in the next six to seven days, but  “They’re not leaning either way.”

Aaron Harrison on the lure of returning to help Kentucky win a championship:

“Yea, that’s a factor, but I think that it’s more about us personally and not about winning a ring or anything like that. 

“It’s just more personal, because it’s my career. It’s my life.”

Andrew has a similar mindset.

“If you go back to school you want to become a better player and if you go to the NBA that means you think you’re ready to go and play,” Andrew Harrison said. “So it’s what you think of yourself and how NBA teams think of you.”

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  1. I can appreciate it’s their future, their career. Not sure how much of a future there is in the D league. Might have a better shot in Europe. One more year would give a much better shot at playing with the BIG boys. Four games does not make you NBA ready.. Okay not even five games makes you NBA ready.

  2. I wish their discussion was less “what they think of themselves” and more like Willie “wanting to win… Finishing what they started” that kind of attitude.

  3. Todd and Deb Fleming

    I really like these two young men. Whatever decision they make it is theirs to make and I wish them nothing but the best in their future. That said, I hope they decide to stay. I’d love to see them here at Kentucky next year when we’re back in the championship game!

  4. I think they have already made a choice sounds like they want to go to the NBA. That is there choice no doubt but I am sure that Arron might get a look but Andrew did nothing all year in what world do they look at what they did this season and think they are NBA ready. It is there life but I don’t like the disrespect towards UK and the fact they don’t have that drive to want to be a winner and a champion that should tell the scouts a lot about them, that in the end its about the money with these kids. SMH

    • Well no crap, genius. If you’re 19/20 and have the opportunity to make millions, what are you going to choose?

      At 23, if I was faced with the decision of millions or continuing my “education”, I’m jumping at the cash.

  5. Just because you guys had a great tourney doesn’t mean you are no where ready for the draft look at the season as a whole. You 2 have great potential but another year would help you tremendously

  6. David Stricker Sr.

    I think Aron said it ! Its about him not the team and that will get him nowhere, after that comment I could care less if he came back.

    • He said its his career. He never said he didn’t care about the fan base, or the school. He was saying that him and his brother making the right choice to benefit their lives and futures as players is more important and holds more significance than any run could. These two guys are team* players. When they are on the court they are playing for their teammates. When they take the jersey off they are considering what is best for them. You do realize this right? Willie stayed because he felt empty on the inside and thought it’d benefit him most as a player to stay another year. A guy like Young thought it’d benefit him most as a player to stick his name in the draft. They were all team players on the court, they just have to decide what’s best for them. Its their lives not ours. Respect that and don’t put them down.

      • David Stricker Sr.

        Did not say anything about career or did I say anything about the fan base get your facts straight before you criticize what I say and one more thing these players are here to win championships go to Lexington one time and ask people there

  7. David Stricker Sr.

    I guess that is the one and done attitude , use the school , dont worry about chamionships or rings and get the hell out

  8. Ass tard fans.

  9. With that attitude let them go.

  10. Robert Matthews

    The players are in a revolving door at UK. The decision to go to the NBA has a lot to do with the playing time involved with next season. UK next recruiting class will be in the top 5. UK has much better talent coming next year and so there will be a problem with sitting on the bench or starting. I think that besides Willie Cawley Stein and Julius Randle most of the starters will be coming off the bench next season including the Harrison twins. I don’t blame getting out while the going is good. UK will be a top team all next season and re-load with more All Americans. One or two players gone from this season will not make or break it for UK.

  11. I would love to have those guys back, they are gonna be GEMS next year. However, every fan on here saying they are selfish and only think about themselves should look in the mirror They have EARNED the right to chose, stay or go. People who scrutinize these kids for “interviewing” for a job that PAYS should be ashamed. I am a life long UK fan but I gotta admit we have some of the dumbest fans around.

  12. This one and done is getting very old. The NCAA needs to make full scholarshiped players do a mandatory two year commitment to the college. If the player doesn’t like that then let him pay for the full ride himself. It’s not fair for the thousands of kids who are great players that want an education that can’t get a scholarship.

    • It’s not up to the NCAA, it’s between the NBA and Players Assoc !!!

      • but it would be nice if there was a stipulation in their contract that says the player has to pay back the tuition from the scholarship if they decide to leave after just one year. That SHOULD be possible by the NCAA… make the scholarship more like a loan that will be considered paid in full if he/she decides to stay for multiple years. won’t stop the super stars from leaving, but the guys that are border-line and possible d-league candidates will think long and hard about having to pay back tuition on a d-league salary.

        for the record, i haven’t given any of this thought, kind of just let the keyboard do the thinking just now. But i wonder if something like this is even legal ?

    • Will two years be enough for the BBN?

  13. If your a true uk fan you will be proud of them and support whatever decision they make.

  14. Starting to think that some of the kids that come to uk automatically think they are going to the league. Had these two been on a team other than Kentucky and had the same season they had, do you think they would still enter or stay? I’d say stay.

  15. I agree it’s their decision, and it’s their life, but it’s a little disheartening to see that they don’t really have any loyalty to UK, and a drive to want to win a championship…Willie is a prime example…he could have went to the NBA and been a first round draft pick, but to him, he wanted the education, he loved the school, and loved the fans enough, that he just wasn’t ready to go anywhere. I wish them the best, but I really honestly don’t care if they don’t come back now, knowing that the only reason they are, is because they weren’t going to be a first round draft pick and no other reason. You can call me a dumb fan if you want to, I don’t care…but, that’s the way I feel about it.

  16. The reason to go to college is to get a good paying job. If these young men get a good enough education in their career choice then they should leave. The University of KY is not our professional sports team. It is a college that prepares young people for their future.

  17. well I am all for them doing as they wish. I wish they would actually go to school and even if they go on, still go to school, because they should go for the education like the rest of us, not get a year paid for and be gone, while the rest of us have to pay through while they could not get any scholarships go on, and pay it off fast. but I personally feel they should not go on, that they are not ready, but that is their life and they should make their own decisions. and if you ask me, literally none of the current players are ready for even the d league regulars, none of this team is good enough to play in the nba, but they control their destinies, and if it ends up in them not actually playing the sport of basketball for a while, well that is what they decide to do.

  18. The same people who are trying to label the Harrisons as selfish, sell outs, etc. are themselves being selfish. Kentucky is among the top 5 states/commonwealths in gambling sales versus population and has been for decades. If anyone on this forum won a lottery ticket that would pay them several millions of dollars for the first few years and then had incentives for more millions afterward would not hesitate to; take the money, increase the quality of life for their loved and help those in need.
    I hope that they stay not only for being in a great position to win #9 but to improve their toughness, defense, rebounding, etc.
    Real UK fans see talent and acknowledge and respect it. I, am hoping that the Harrisons, Dakari, Willis, and Hawkins will stay at UK and further entrench their names in the hearts, and memories, of basketball fans worldwide.