Calipari meets with Marcus Lee, Dominique Hawkins, E.J. Floreal, and Derek Willis

Coach Cal had a team meeting with Marcus Lee, Dominique Hawkins, E.J. Floreal, and Derek Willis last Monday. Find out what they talked about.

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  1. In other words. he very carefully and gently let them know that they were very likely to see zero playing time in the upcoming season.

  2. Lee & Hawkins will see time on the court and the tournament experience they now have will be vital to this team in the quest for #9.

    • I definitely agree with your post. Why would Cal tell these players that they are not likely to see playing time? That would be like saying “go ahead and transfer”. I believe what coach says, that they talked about what the players need to work on. His message is be prepared. Marcus Lee and Dom saw little playing time during the season, but when they were called on in the tourney, they responded and were ready.

  3. Should redshirt Marcus Lee and Derek Willis. Great future players that he probably wont play this year for some stupid reason. Ky has ALWAYS had a ky kid either as a major role player or a star in the middle of EVERY championchip Ky has won. When Cal learns that, he will win #9 and not before then. 2012- Darius Miller, 1998-Scott Padgett, 1996-Cameron Mills and Derek Anderson, 1978- Jack Givens. Ky kids give 110% at both ends of the floor and their work ethic is contagious. Just ask Pitino about kids like Chris Harrison and of course the “unforgettables” — Farmer, Feldhaus, and Pelphrey– perfect example of what im talking about. Even Davis and Gilchrist said Darius Miller was the reason they won the games that they did. When Cal learns and adopts that way of playing, he will win #9 and not until then. History speaks for itself.