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  1. Clint Mcclintock

    From a true UK fan..You, Russ Smith, are a class act. Good luck to you

  2. RUSS is typical of the Classy Program & Coach for whom he Played . A Classy young man who has given his all & represents the Louisville Program as well as earthly possible !! YES–He’s a Class act & unreal talent & Outstanding young man & we Wish him God Speed & a wonderful life !! We will Miss you Russdiculous !!!

  3. I am a Kentucky wild cat fan but you Russ smith are a class act and good luck to you in the future.

    • Ditto Joan! As a UK fan, I wish UL and every player the best. I am proud to be neighbors!

  4. What a class act Russ Smith is and a great competitor. Good luck in the NBA.

  5. Madonna Hedger

    I read what you said Russ Smith, you are a gentleman and I am sure that Coach Pitino has had a positive impact on you as a maturing young man. I wish you the very best in your life. I am a true KY fan and we were very sad when Coach Pitino left us but you have been blessed to have had him as your coach.

  6. I wish you and all members of the Cardinal team much success and you, Russ Smith, my respect. I think you have a strong foundation and you will be just fine. Congratulations on a great college career!

  7. I am a UK and Louisville fan. I do admire Russ Smith for the man he is and accepting the loss with class. He is a great basketball player but a better man. Good luck in life Russ and now I will be rooting for the Wildcats to keep the NCAA title in Ky. Go BBN.

  8. The people of Kentucky are fortunate to have two of the best basket ball programs in the nation here !

  9. Tracy-and Sherry Trogden

    Great words from a young man full of talent !

  10. classy…if he doesnt make it as a pro player he’ll be a solid coach

    • That hadn’t occurred to me but you are right. He would be a great influence on kids! I hope he ends up being a coach after a successful career in the NBA!!!

      • As a UK fan first and UL second, I’ve really liked Russ as both a player and a man. I don’t understand the conversation about him not making it to the NBA. Many talk about his size, but the difference maker is that he’s quick as lightening. Big guards aren’t enough to stop him and there’s a reason he’s a first team All-American. And he was the best player on the floor last night. Hat’s off to you from the commwealth of KY.

  11. Anthony Wayne Holt

    This is a true sportsman!

  12. Lawrence Brown

    From the very first time I saw Russ Smith, I’ve been a fan. As an ‘Older Gentleman’, you appreciate class from anyone. This young man has always been classy to me. Like others I am a UK Fan, but I will always be a Russ Smith Fan. His greatness on the court is about to be unleashed, but his growth as a man surpass his basketball talent. On that note one last point, that is why, I luv this current group of players wearing the Blue. Through it all they have carried themselves with dignity, class. They have shared with us their well grounded roots, upbringing, just by the way they have carried themselves. Personally, they have endured some of the harshest criticism, in and out of the BBN, yet they continued to grow, learn, develop. Like Russ Smith I have the highest respect, admiration for this group of Wildcats. Personally I want to THANK YOU!!!! Last night the State of Kentucky won, because the nation saw respect & class on full display. GOOOOOO Cats

  13. From a true blue fan to u Russ Smith u r nothing but an class act wish u all the luck in life one can have and may God Bless u and keep u your entire life take care!!!!!!!!

  14. Phyllis Rhodes

    With every other basketball fan I thank you Russ Smith for your attitude and heart. As a CAT fan, I’ve admired and feared you all your years at Louisville. When not playing Kentucky, I’ve cheered for you. Go out and make a big impact on the world Mr. Smith. You will be rewarded for your efforts.

  15. Russ Smith is the perfect example of a class act. I’m a diehard UK fan, but I cheered for Louisville when they played for the title last year, and have no hatred for the team, at all. Thank you Russ Smith, BBN wishes you all the best!

  16. Class act. Love to see this kind of sportsmanship from ALL players. Hopefully, our players continue to do the same! GO CATS

  17. Russ Smith = Class

  18. I’m a Cards fan and have to admit to disliking UK at times, and that made last night’s loss hard. But honestly, when our star player talks about UK in such positive terms and what last night’s game meant to him, then what’s the point of having bad blood between the fans? Good luck Big Blue Nation. Keep the championship trophy in the state for the third year in a row.

    • There is no reason to have bad blood. I loved Coach P. when he was at UK and I’m glad he found happiness at UL. We are all Kentuckians and I will always root for UL unless we are playing each other. I will not hate another team (okay..well…yeah I will! Duke!!!). I am all for any team in the Commonwealth keeping the trophy within our borders! CEH…I am proud to call you neighbor and I wish you and UL all the best! I have been saying this all day and I am getting blasted from a few “UK” fans. As far as I am concerned, they are an embarrassment to UK and need to be quiet. Please believe we are not like them…there’s always a few in every group and it’s usually the quiet ones! I’m not staying quiet anymore when it comes to showing respect to my neighbors.

      • Well said UKFAN0219 that is exactly how I feel. I am UK fan also but I watch UL play and root for them same goes for Eastern or Western KY. Keep it in the Commonwealth!!!!

  19. Well said. You sir, are a shining example of great sportsmanship.

  20. Russ Smith, your words are a great example of sportsmanship. I hope my fellow UK fans will show just as much class by not talking trash about the Cards and this hard fought victory.

  21. Great statement Russ! Best of luck to you

  22. What a true gentlemen…Good luck in your future endeavors Russ Smith.

  23. I’m greatly impressed with this response from Russ.I have long thought we should be proud of each other’s programs although we are interstate rivals.I hope more fans and players follow this attitude and thanks Russ for wishing an awesome group of young men growing up fast that they continue on.The new age fab five is showing up for the Big Blue Nation and Russ Smith is showing us the way to go out graciously.

  24. Class act. Louisville has a lot to be proud of last two years. Between us and UofL the basketbella world has been somintated by Kentucky teams last three years. nd tey played us tough ;ast noght in another great game. Love the good competition, it improves us both.

  25. Spicy Bull and Hey Byrn

    Being in NC, I must say he’s one classy young man and UK is a classy program for posting this. Very impressed with both parties.

  26. From someone who is not from Kentucky but has lived among Kentucky Sports fans for several years, allow me to give an objective view. For all of you UK fans spewing all of this love toward UofL right now, had UK lost you would not be singing the same tune. I have seen your hate. It is easy to be nice when you are on the winning side. If UK happens to lose the next game or lose in the final four, my bet is that you will not have the same love, then, for the team that defeats them.

  27. Wow – I sure appreciate all the respect being given to this fantastic young man. He deserves it. It’s unusual given the amount of hatred and nastiness usually tossed out by UK fans toward the Cardinals. I, and most Louisville fans I know, have nothing but respect for Coach Cal and his team. It’s some of the fans that put this great and exciting rivalry to shame. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone were to simply start to celebrate the fact that an amazing level of men’s college basketball exists in a single state? We should all be hanging together – supporting one another and cheering each other on. We should be proud of Kentucky college ball. Who’s with me?


  29. Wow, amazing! Good luck to you!

  30. Great player, greater person. I was fortunate enough to see Louisville play twice this year, and this is a great player.

  31. Gary Pemberton

    Russ Smith has class. This is true sportsman’s ship, we should all think like Russ Smith thinks

  32. A great sport and a true Gentleman!!

  33. Jocelyn Angeleaux Mills

    From a Big Blue fan, I appreciate your class and gracious. I wish you the best of luck on the next chapter of your life.

  34. Super proud of Russ. I am a heavy UK fan first. Then if not UK winning it all. I still want a Kentucky team to win. UK, UL, EKY, WKU, Morehead or Murray or any Kentucky team

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