Kevin Ware Leaving Louisville

kevin ware

In not so surprising news, Kevin Ware is transferring from Louisville.

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Ware, who gained national attention nearly a year ago to the day when he suffered a gruesome broken leg in a win over Duke in the Elite Eight, told ESPN that he will transfer to another school to finish his career.

“We wish Kevin Godspeed,” said Louisville coach Rick Pitino.


Read “Kevin Ware to transfer from L’ville” by clicking here.

  • Terry Anderson

    Anyone know why he’s leaving?

  • Cinyman

    Probably forced so they could open up some scholarships for some one and dones

  • Lawrence Brown

    It’s my understanding that this was set in stone some time ago, as mentioned to open up space. I wish him well.

  • aaron

    Kevin Ware, you are the man

  • cardsmbb

    Godspeed, Kevin. We were hoping to see you back on the Cards deep bench, and we’ll miss you.

  • Jeff Schrembs

    Here is hoping that Kevin, and his family, achieve success in each/all of their endeavors.

  • BB4Ever

    He’s a outstanding young man; one of the few cards I actually like, so I truly wish him and his family the best. He deserves more than to be cast aside for a one and done, but that’s the way it’s done now. I’m not a big fan of this practice and wish the NCAA would step in and put a ruling on this, as they said they were going to do 2-4 yrs ago. But, that’s the NCAA for you, too. Good Luck, Kevin Ware.