John Calipari: ” We’d have been an 8 if we beat Florida”

john calipari kentucky

John Calipari thinks it didn’t matter if Kentucky beat Florida today in the SEC Championship game, they still would have been an 8 seed.



Time to prove they are better than 8 and get #9!!

  • brown2575

    Is it possible Calipari deliberately throttles 3 point attempts. The 3 point performance in the LSU and Georgia games compared to Florida was shocking. I’m tired of him voicing details from the sidelines, let the kids play.

    • Happycat66

      I’ll bet UK is scrambling to sign you as Head Coach

    • Kyle Smith

      Shut up

  • Randy McFarland

    Give me Coach Cal any day! Go Big Blue :) As Coach Cal said, “Go play ball and prove them wrong.”

  • Jim from Albany

    I think the selection committee does not know there A$$ from a hole in the ground