2014 Most Valuable Teams in College Basketball

*Photo by Regina Rickert

*Photo by Regina Rickert

The Kentucky Wildcats come in at #3 on Forbes list of the most valuable teams in college basketball for 2014 with a team value of 32.5 million dollars.

The 2012 NCAA champions leveld off after a huge 32% surge in value last year. The school’s athletic department contributed $1.7 million to non-athletic scholarships last year.

Here is the Top 5:

1. Louisville

2. Kansas

3. Kentucky

4. North Carolina

5. Indiana

The average team is worth $20.2 million, down from last year’s $20.4 million average value.

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  • Happycat66

    I do not see how they figure this. Guess if the city and the students kick in it makes ot worth more. UL athletics takes money form the students as a subsidy.

  • wayne8734

    Louisville?????? lol lol