Jerry Palm Takes Shot at Nerlens Noel as the Y

Nerlens Noel was the ceremonial “Y” last night and received a loud ovation from the Rupp Arena crowd.

Not everyone was as thoughtful of Noel’s return as CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm took a shot at last year’s season ending knee injury.


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Palm has deleted the tweet after the BBN was all over him on twitter.

Do you agree that Palm should issue an apology?


    That was totally tasteless

  • Debbie Carter Bunch

    The comment was typical of the bias that CBS has against any non-ACC team. I’m sure he thought he was being cute/funny. Nerlen’s the one who gets the last laugh though…all the way to the bank with his $3.17 million this year! GO BIG BLUE!

  • Bret Garrett

    who is Jerry Palm?

  • Randy Willmott

    Jerry Palm? Go home to your wife, Rosie.

  • kondordisqus

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who had to ask “who is Jerry Palm”?

  • Sean Harp

    Hairy Palms needs his a$$ whooped!!! He is nothing more than a bias, wanna-be, Fisher-Price journalist, trying to use Nerlens Noel to glorify his petty Twitter account! No one even knows/cares who the counterfeit, opinionated, unimportant SOB is! Perhaps if he had some basketball talent we would know who Hairy Palms is!!! Go play with yourself Hairy…

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  • Sharon Shepherd

    Is this guy all CBSSPORTS has to send to cover a game? Noel did not deserve that comment !!