Jerry Palm Apologizes for Nerlens Noel Tweet

jerry palm

Jerry Palm, CBS Sports Bracketologist, has apologized for his tweet about Nerlens Noel at last night’s Florida game.

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After a night and day of the BBN hammering Palm’s mentions, it was inevitable that an apology was going to be made.

Does the BBN accept the apology?

  • Indyman

    It seems like this is becoming a standard. People tweet what they feel and then apologize the next day. I say no thanks for your apology.

    • ukjb

      At least he didn’t opt for the usual sorry excuse of “My Twitter got hacked!”

  • teedington

    Dude made a rude off the cuff comment…..acknowledged he screwed up. Thats what a man does, owns his mistakes and moves on. He should be forgiven, we all make mistakes but many fail to own them


    The BBN isn’t owed the “apology”, NN is!!!! The dude looks drunk in that picture, he could have said he was drunk when he tweeted and I doubt many people would argue with him about it.