Mark Stoops a Candidate at Penn State?


According to a Twitter account named @InsiderPSU, the “mystery” SEC coaching candidate at Penn State was Kentucky’s Mark Stoops.


I don’t know how much stock I would put in this report as the account has minimal followers, but there you go.

  • ukjb

    everyone and their mom knows it was james franklin out of vandy. wth has stoops done so far other than recruit that psu would look at him? and his big recruiting pitch is hey come play with the best! can’t say that in the big ten lol

    • Scott Spears

      Stoops will be mentioned in a LOT of big name jobs. It may well not be Penn State that takes him, but he won’t be long for the Bluegrass in any event. Either he fails miserably or some other school will take him based merely on his ability to recruit.

      • ukjb

        oh don’t get me wrong. i totally agree. EVENTUALLY he will garner attention. But right now, in his debut year of head coaching, he hasn’t done anything that some other AD is saying “wow! i gotta get me some mark stoops!”…
        i just hope we get lucky and he stays here long enough to get us really going in the right direction. would suck if he left before the job was complete.

        • Scott Spears

          We need three or four coaches in a row moving us in the right direction, without any interruptions. Rich Brooks had us moving in the right direction, but in what little time he was here, Joker set us back to square one.

          Plus, we can’t have a Hal Mumme in the mix, either. Getting the ball rolling while playing within the rules is almost impossible, yet we need to do it several times in a row in order to be relevant and solid in the SEC.

          South Carolina was nowhere near as far in the hole as we are, yet look how long it took Steve Spurrier to get them respectable….and he’s one of the better coaches in college football history.

          Our fanbase has a lot of very unrealistic expectations for UK football…and that ends up working against us as well. Lets not forget, we were on the verge of firing Rich Brooks before he started to get things going.

    • ukjb
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