Christian Laettner isn’t selling “the” jersey

Reports of Christian Laettner’s infamous Duke jersey being auctioned surfaced late last year but there had been no official statement coming from him or his camp regarding the sale. The reason why he has kept his silence about it is because he is not the one selling the jersey. A college buddy of Laettner owns the jersey for years and had put it up for auction. Whether Laettner still cares about the jersey or not is beyond anyone.

Question is, will UK fans have any interest in it whether he’s the one selling or not? Highly doubtable.


Thing is, Laettner has not made one public comment about the sale. There may be a reason for that: Laettner is not the one selling the jersey.

To hear Leland’s chairman Josh Leland Evans tell it, the seller is a college buddy of Laettner’s who got the famed jersey simply by asking the former Duke star for it. Leland Evans says the seller has had it in his home office for years but now decided to sell it. The reserve price on the jersey is set at $100,000, which means the item cannot be sold for anything less.


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  1. If were wealthy I would buy it and burn it publicly before the next UK-Duke game.

  2. “Highly doubtable.” should be “doubtful”……