Devin Booker’s Blog: Talks Kentucky and John Calipari

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2014 Kentucky commit Devin Booker wrote his latest blog about this basketball season and the choice to attend the University of Kentucky.

What’s up people!

I know it’s been a while since my last blog; things were pretty busy for me with the whole commitment and everything. Most of you know by now that I am officially a member of Big Blue Nation!

The decision was a big stress reliever for me. At the beginning of the recruiting process it’s every kid’s dream to be recruited by every school they love, but it definitely gets stressful toward the end when you realize you can only pick one school.

You know it all along, but it gets more and more real and that causes stress.

I talked with my parents about it for months; throughout the whole process I probably felt a different way about each school at some point. In the end, though, Kentucky was where I wanted to be. That feeling never left me. I even waited a while to see if the feeling would wear off, but it never did.

I never had any second thoughts because I took so much time to do it the right way. I was locked in all the way.

Coach Cal was really excited when I told him. He told me that we were gonna have another special class, and he told me that he wanted people to say “I knew Booker was good, but I didn’t know he was that good!” I really liked that because I knew that meant I would be getting better and better. That’s what I wanted.

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  • bonnie

    Hi Devon!! Welcome to the BBN!! We are so proud that you chose UK as your preference ….I’m sure you will love being a WILDCAT!! Can’t wait till next year so we can watch you play on the team! I know you are very good ,I watched your video..I think you will be a great asset to our team!!! stay safe !! BBN ,we will be watching over you! you’re one of the family now!! See Ya SOON!!!

  • plcc07777

    You have chosen to play for the best program in the nation and the best program has chosen YOU !!! Welcome to the family :-)

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