Could Rajon Rondo be Heading to Sacramento?

rajon rondo charlotte

A report from NBC SportsDash (on Yahoo Sports) is saying Boston could be trading former Kentucky guard Rajon Rondo to the Sacramento Kings.

Rumors of Rajon Rondo’s departure from Boston have been swirling since Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry left the Celtics during the offseason. As part of the team’s rebuilding effort, it was thought that the franchise could cut a significant portion of its payroll by sending Rondo elsewhere. But since the squad has gone 8-4 over its last 12 contests, trade talks were seemingly slowed as Boston moved up to fourth in the Eastern Conference standings.

NBCSN basketball analyst Donny Marshall, however, says the Celtics have a major deal in the works that will eventually send Rondo to the Kings. In a discussion with Dave Briggs (@davebriggstv) on SportsDash, Marshall cited “the people [he talks] to” and said that the four-time All-Star point guard – along with multiple Celtics teammates – will be headed out west in a blockbuster.


It would be good to see Rondo teamed up with Cousins out west.


  • Merrick dundas

    I think it awesome to have rondo to the kings because if he is then they will finally make the playoffs and the kings will have a big 3 as gay, cousin, and rondo

  • bonnie

    Maybe Rondo is going out west and Cousins is going to the Celtics, I know they got into a confrontation a few weeks back…I think Rondo got ejected….not sure exactly when it happened….I can’t see those two playing together……they both have attitude problems! LOL I can’t see Cousins leaving ,after he got that huge extention………..I guess we’ll just have to wait it out…..GO CATS!!!