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  1. That’s because he is, and always will be, a thug.  I bet he is broke before he’s 35 years old.

  2. cousins is the man! casboxer has small penis issues.

  3. sounds like someone who hangs on the jock of KY basketball players and who’s first, go to insult is a penis reference has the small penis issues

  4. Yah, cheap shots that lead to injuries are worth praising.

  5. NO one should know cheap shots like Duke!

  6. But that IS Blue boogie

  7. UK once again shows its true colors. Duke kid with a degree showing sportsmanship; UK “one and done” continues to show no class as a professional athlete. Hey–let’s root for the bonehead! Way to go Kentucky fans.

    • players are not bound by any law to shake another player’s hand. especially not during the game. Boogie already has an attitude problem. walking away was the best thing he could possibly have done. Now go change your avatar you hater !

    • DeMarcus didn’t want to give J.J. a chance to stomp on his stomach.. Sportsmanship is when a Duke player stomps on a UK player while he is flat on his back.. Now that is showing class.

    • Why would you check into a game and shake hands with a player on the other team, unless you were apologizing for something you had already done.

      • There are many reasons to shake another players hand. Respect, sportsmanship, class, acknowledgement. Demarcus was always unsportsmanlike. One of the many reasons that year was not ended in a title, because Cousins and Wall couldn’t get along. Redick shows sportsmanship and respect, while Cousins shows immaturity, and selfishness.

        • Obviously, one was there to win a game, and the other was there to impress dip$h1ts like you. We all have our goals in life. Your judgement speaks volumes for pettiness and ignorance. You can pass judgement on these players… but just take your silly little opinion to the fridge and get over yourself.

        • Cousins and wall were actually close friends and still are they have been really good friends since they were 14 the only reason we got them both is because they decided to go to school with each other we lost simply because vw played better that night

  8. Mr. Anderson praising what Cousins did is just as bad. Both Anderson & Cousins need to grow up just a bit.

    • If it was anyone else but a Duke player this wouldn’t even be posted..all I have is hate for Duke and that will never change. My opinion and I really don’t care if you like it or not.

  9. As a Kentucky fan, I don’t like seeing former players act this way, there’s no reason not to show each other respect on the court.

    • I agree!

    • It’s always good to see UK fans calling our players out when they do wrong. I really like boogie, but I cannot stand bad sportsmanship. Lots of kids watch these games, and this is not what sports is about. DeMarcus did the exact same thing to Chris Paul about a week ago. It’s immature and shows no class.

  10. Cousins is a gamer and his game is intimidation. Shaking hands may be good sportsmanship but it isn’t all that great at intimidation. Anybody who condemns him for the action doesn’t understand why he’s doing it. It is a regular thing btw not just Duke players.

  11. Anyone who knows what it’s like to be a True Blue fan had to smile a little (even if it is on the inside). Being a UK fan and a woman, I can safely say our fans are like a woman scorned when it comes to basketball. No matter how nice you are to us later, we will always remember everything from the past. Not sure what the outcome was of this game, maybe Cousins just doesn’t like Redick because he’s a d-bag and has nothing to do with him being a former Duke player.

  12. The other player didn’t shake his hand either. What’s the big deal. Apparently just a Big Blue hater

  13. Cousins used KY to get to the pros. We’re all being used by 18 year old kids. Stop salivating and grow up. I’m speaking to the “fans,” not the misguided kids. Cousins doesn’t represent KY. He only played 150 days from start to finish. And he pouted at least 100 of them.

  14. I am totally against this sort of action. Cousins was being a dick…. Pure and simple. They were playing the Clippers and lost a close game. Cousins pulled his players away from shaking hands with Chris Paul too. What did Paul do to UK? I’m a diehard UK fan. Have been for 50 years. What happened against Duke decades ago is over. Do I like Laitener? F no. But I cannot hold against players that were barely old enough to walk what happened then. It would be similar to saying all white people in the south are racist because of slavery. Cousins was WRONG! I can’t imagine how this board would react if a team walked off and refused to shake UK’s hands. You people would be so pissed. As I would be. There’s no difference. It’s not like Cousins is the (good guy) of the NBA and this was an isolated case. It’s his normal thug/immature attitude…. Come on UK fans be classy!!

    • Well said Larney…well said.

    • you are way off base… this wasn’t at the end of the game… this was during the game… and as i’ve said before, there isn’t a rule or law written or unwritten, that says players have to shake hands during a game at ANY POINT… so now all of a sudden cousins decides not to shake jj’s hand when entering the game and all of a sudden he is unsportsmanlike? gtfo of here. you are being ridiculous…

  15. Cousins Swallows

    Cousins is a typical Classless Kentucky piece of crap. Maybe he will wine and quit on his team again this year. F him

  16. nation of blue sure has attracted a lot of haters to this article…and a lot of people that jumped to conclusions not knowing the real story…

  17. Michael Sester

    Demarcus Cousins is one of the best people to ever play at UK. You people don’t know him. Do you know why he didn’t shake his hand? Neither do I but what I do know is that he had a very good reason not to. It’s his business and not ours. We’re all different folks. Accept the things you cannot change.

  18. purberty cumberdale

    To:”The man”… Cuz could buy out what jj redneck makes for his entire career,with that $MAX$ deal he signed,..oh yeah,buy your ass a set of balls while he is at it! Jjredneck didnt do shi~ute while at puck.Just get beat in the first or second round of the dance…Go shit in your cornflakes!

  19. Who cares about this crap. Cousins doesn’t like anyone so what do you

  20. You wonder why Cousins has a problem shaking hands with the Clippers and Chris Paul, just know that they themselves are not above things like this: