Cal says 7 Wildcats Will Score 25 Points in a Game


John Calipari is definitely optimistic about this upcoming season and now is even making predictions.

Here is what he had to say to ESPN’s Jason King at SEC Media Day today.

Which seven do you think he is talking about?

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  • Shawn Gray

    who will be the first one?! im going randle, andrew h, young, harrison, poythress, WCS, m lee!!

  • ukjb

    I really only see 5, maybe 6…

    Marcus Lee, James Young, Andrew Harrison, Alex Poythress, Julius Randle, (Aaron Harrison – my 6th pick)

    IMO, I believe Aaron will be more of a facilitator than a scorer. and i just don’t see WCS or Dakari putting up 25 points in a game.
    Here’s hoping I’m wrong!

  • JA

    James Young first, Julius Randle, Alex Poythress, Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison, WCS and Dakari. In that order.

  • catlett

    You guys do understand that Andrew is the point and Aaron is the scorer right? In HS Aaron scored 18.6 ppg while Andrew scored 11.6.

    • Scott Spears

      They’ll both play point at UK. Aaron will almost certainly be Andrew’s backup, and James Young will play SG while Aaron is PG or on the bench. Those 3 should eat most of the PG/SG minutes, with anything left falling to Polson or Hawkins (whichever one is pushing harder in practices).

      • catlett

        That is not what Calipari has been saying.

        • aaronjwells32

          Agree with catlett as Aaron is the SG and Young is the SF. Poythress and Young will be battling for the SF position as will WCS and Johnson for C. Randle and Andrew have their positions locked (PF and PG, respectively).
          Why would we put an All-American on the bench so he can play backup to a position that he didn’t play in HS? Could everyone be prepared to play each position? Absolutely, but unless something changes, Aaron will be the starting SG and Young will be competing for starting SF.

          • Scott Spears

            That really clogs up the minutes at SF and PF, while leaving a lot of playing time unclaimed at PG/SG. Put it this way, we have WCS and Dakari Johnson eating ALL the C time, and Marcus Lee is proving to be the kind of player who will earn significant minutes, he and Randle will more than fill up the PF minutes. In fact, it’s very likely that Randle could play some at the SF spot.

            At SF, you have Poythress, Hood, and now Young? And Randle pushing for minutes in the mix as well?

            While, in your idea of a lineup, we just have the Harrison brothers playing 40 minutes each at PG and SG. Or Jarrod Polson and Dominique Hawkins stepping in for major minutes, while guys like Alex Poythress or Marcus Lee sit? Use your head.

            How i see the average per game minutes, and please, argue with this:

            PG: Andrew Harrison 26 mins/Aaron Harrison 12 mins/Cleanup crew 2 mins
            SG: Aaron Harrison 14 mins/James Young 24 mins/Cleanup crew 2 mins
            SF: Alex Poythress 26 mins/Julius Randle 5 mins/Jon Hood 9 mins (Hood would be in at garbage time as well)
            PF: Julius Randle 21 mins/Marcus Lee 18 mins/Derek Willis 1 min
            C: WCS 24 mins/Dakari Johnson 16 mins

            You don’t really have minutes for all the guys who need them if you don’t play Young at the SG spot. That should be fairly obvious.

          • catlett

            The argument is very simple. Calipari is the coach and he is not saying what you are speculating. He knows more about it than you do. Everything I have seen from him says Young primarily at small forward and Young has indicated the same. Last night Poythress looked better than Young but it is early and most people who have seen practices give it to Young. I’m going to take the people on the inside’s word on this more than any fan’s. It was also very clear that at least last night Andrew is far more focused on dishing and Aaron is more focused on scoring. They were also playing on the same team, not against each other. If the coach was going to go with what you think then the logical thing would be have them oppose each other. Your analysis also assumes that we always go big. Calipari’s system doesn’t need players to be specific 1′s, 2′s, etc. A point guard sets up the play if there is one but he has been pretty clear that this is a dribble drive team, not a pick and roll team. If he wants to speed it up then the true centers can sit and we are still a big athletic team. Have at the final word on this. I’m done but Calipari’s short history has proved that he doesn’t try to misdirect anything. He says what he thinks and all indications are that he considers Aaron every bit as good as Andrew an that they will play together.

          • Scott Spears

            And we have the Blue White scrimmage. Aaron Harrison plays POINT GUARD almost exclusively. That’s all the final word I need.

          • catlett

            Do you pay any attention at all? You are really starting to look very bull headed and frankly not all that bright at this point. The coach explained in the post game press conference that Andrew got limited minutes because of knee problems and almost didn’t play at all. Anybody who is actually listening to the coach already knows that Aaron will play point when Andrew needs a break. It does not mean it is his primary position. You might also note that Aaron scored a lot more points than Andrew which was the original point of this entire discussion.

            Note: The BOTH started for Blue.


            First-Half Facts

            The Blue team started four freshmen, Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison, James Young and Julius Randle, along with sophomore Willie Cauley-Stein.

            Note: Andrew is hurt and the COACH doesn’t give any indication he isn’t going to start both brothers. He is trying to find some kind of time for other players.


            Q. That starting blue lineup tonight, is that the lineup we might see game 1?

            COACH CALIPARI: Here’s what I would say to you: When you looked at what we did, you kind of got a picture of while you’ve got this guy, this guy, that guy, but what about Derek Willis? Where does he fit in here? I mean, and then you look at, well, what about Marcus Lee; he’s pretty good too, now. And then you look at Dominique and say, wow, I’m not going to play 11 guys. So there’s a little bit of a dogfight. We’ve got to figure out how we’re going to do this. We’ve got to have a little plan about it, and then everybody has got to buy into what we’re doing and their roles on the team.

            I’m trying to get Alex, and I think Alex is playing better. Be a finisher; you’re not a play starter. That’s not what you are. Don’t put him in a position to start plays; put him in a position where he can finish and get to the basket or he can make a jump shot. Let him be a play finisher. And he’s buying into that, and I think he played more comfortable today than he has in a while.

            Q. So are a lot of those blue starters college starters?

            COACH CALIPARI: Don’t know yet. They were pretty good today, though. But Andrew has to — he’s going to have to be able to practice and stuff. He’s been hurt.

          • Scott Spears

            I never said it was his primary position. The people arguing with me said he would not play PG no matter what. But OK, I’m the bull headed one.

            We’ll see as the season goes. I’m willing to bet that, barring injury, my minutes breakdown is pretty spot-on.

          • catlett

            Nowhere in this thread did anybody say that he would never play Point Guard.

            You, however said “They’ll both play point at UK. Aaron will almost certainly be Andrew’s backup, and James Young will play SG while Aaron is PG or on the bench.” so yea … you did say point is his primary position which you are now trying to back out of because it is obviously wrong. Aaron started at the 2nd guard with Young starting as small forward just as the rest of us said.

          • catlett

            How interesting … John Calipari on Twitter regarding tonight’s starting lineup. Andrew could play but coach is giving him more time to rest and then he tweeted:

            “I’m going to start Jarrod to let Aaron play both his natural position at the two and point.”

          • Karma1965

            Don’t get caught up in traditional spots…Cal doesn’t plan that way…he’ll take every advantage he can get and play his best players depending upon the competition…you will see a lot of a “small” lineup with Drew, Young, Poythress, Randle, WCS, or even Drew, Aaron, Young, Poythress, Randle…these guys are long and fast, and Randle has the athleticism to guard a traditional 2, 3, 4 or 5, though he’ll guard 3′s and 4′s primarily…this is Cal’s prototypical team, the tallest, most athletic player at each position…when you have that, opposing teams are on the defensive because they can’t take an advantage anywhere…when they do, you substitute WCS/Dakari/Lee …i think most of the starting lineups will include Drew, Aaron, Young, Poythress and Randle unless someone throws an elite big in there…

      • Karma1965

        Aaron will not be developed as a PG, he’s a scoring guard…while he might play some PG, look for that to be spotty…this isn’t the same as Cal playing Wall at PG and Bledsoe at the “2″, Bledsoe is obviously a PG, Aaron isn’t…look for Bieber to do the spot duty unless Hawkins outcompetes him in practice, or unless there’s a better offensive/defensive advantage Cal can take with the opposing PG…

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