Kyle Wiltjer is a Bulldog, Misses Wildcat Teammates

Photos of Kyle Wiltjer in his Gonzaga uniform have been appearing everywhere, and people are now fully accepting he is now with a different team and no longer a Wildcat.

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It was Michael Kidd Gilchrist’s birthday yesterday (September 26); Wiltjer posted his birthday greeting with the photo below. He misses Jarrod Polson and MKG.

BBN, do you miss Kyle Wiltjer?

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  1. Yes!!!! Kyle is a great kid!

  2. johnnie whitfield

    Yes I do miss him. He is a great player and a great model student. I really wish we would have made room for him. I think it sends the wrong signal to youth that flash and one-and-done is the way to go. It would have been great to show that BOTH can work at a program like UK. Good luck to Mr. Wiltjer. I hope he has a great career as a ‘Zag. Go Big Blue!!

    • Kentucky had room for him. They offered a red shirt (which is what he’s doing at Gonzaga) to give him time to build his body and etc. He decided to move on. I wish him nothing but the best on/off the court.

  3. Not so much….

  4. I wish him nothing but the best at Gonzaga and in the NBA(if he’s drafted), but leaving UK was the worst decision in the world. I believe he will come to regret it…if he already doesn’t.

  5. I wish he would’ve took a redshirt and stayed. He would’ve been buried on the bench this upcoming season but he may have been big next year.

  6. He made the right choice. At UK, he was never going to be put in a role that showcased his talent, but fully showcased his weaknesses. At Gonzaga, the opposite is true. The kid will “magically” have a breakthrough year, as he settles into an offense that lets him be a 6’10” PF who sits on the 3 pt line and makes the defense guard him out there. He’ll be on NBA radars before he’s done at Gonzaga…he had zero chance of that at UK.

  7. There was a place for Kyle, he would’ve sat out this year just as he is now anyway and had time to work on his game and body. Unlike coach capel at App St who is denying a kid his release from his LOI for which that kid has to sat out this year and then will lose a year of eligibility , Coach Cal discuss Klye staying but also told Kyle he’d assist and support him any way possible to make the right decision and encouraged him to visit other school to be sure of what he wanted to do. Thanks again Coach Cal proving the nay-sayers wrong again of what kind of gentleman you really are. The story reminded me of the devil west of here who has dismissed at least 1 player a year for the last 3 years to make room for a better player including a home grown kid Justice form Pike county. I guess that’s why slick rick is such a geat fit for loserville.

  8. Once again Rick P proved if his lips are moving he lying. The darling of loserville Kevin Ware was playing in a pick-up game this week with other loserville team mates, running and dunking like he back 100%. Slick Rick says he won’t be fully recovered until the spring semester, not wanting the public to know that Ware has been suspended from the team for a while. I wonder when he goes to confession if he lies to the priest, I don’t see how he can’t, like I said his lips would be moving.