Coach Cal is Top Recruiter at Every College Stop


Every year our very own Coach Cal recruits the best student athletes in the country, there is no doubt he is the top recruiter. spoke with coaches from all levels of college basketball and survey says.. it’s almost (if not) unanimous – Calipari is still on top.

Here’s one of the quotes from the article:

[colored_box color=”grey”]On Calipari: “He’s just that good. It’s unfair and generally a waste of time to go up against him. People can speculate all they want about his practices or say that anyone can recruit to Kentucky. They are all signs of jealousy. You have to have skills as a recruiter, a marketer, and a leader to get that many elite-level kids to put aside their egos to play with other great players. It’s not easy when they all want playing time and the spotlight. He gets them to trust his process and to focus on winning. And he has to do it all over again, year after year. That’s not an easy task. He would be a great recruiter at any level of our business. As a matter of fact, he has been.”

  • Dale Martin

    If you doubt this ask Tim Crean.

  • Jackie Higdon

    That’s our Coach! :)