Trey Lyles Clarifies UK/UL Comments


Yesterday Trey Lyles made some remarks about Louisville developing players better than Kentucky.

He said Kentucky gets players to the league faster, but Louisville might develop them a little bit better. I know that comment didn’t set well with the Big Blue Nation, but today Trey talked about those comments.

The 6-foot-9 prospect stirred up Twitter on Thursday night when he said that U of L develops players better but Kentucky gets them to the NBA faster. He clarified Friday to say that U of L develops players because the Cards usually have them longer.

“Louisville develops them better because they have them for longer periods of time,” Lyles said. “When Kentucky gets them they get them for usually one year. Louisville gets them for three or four years. They have more time to develop their players.”

He said UK’s recent success with one-and-done players is a selling point.

“Kentucky, they’ve had a lot of guys go one year and done,” he said. “A lot of guys want to do that. They’re getting guys into the league, and when they’re in the league they’re actually doing something for their teams.”

Lyles — the No. 4 overall recruit in the class of 2014 — said he’d like to explore the one-and-done route if he has the opportunity. But he added that he thinks he could do that at both UK and

Ben Roberts sent out this tweet earlier today.


Click on the link in Ben’s tweet to read the full article.

If Lyles really wants to get to the league which school do you think he should choose? Kentucky, Florida, Butler, and Louisville are his top four schools.

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  1. You could argue that Louisville doesn’t develop them better, Louisville gets players who aren’t as good and who need 3 or 4 years of training to get them into the NBA. That doesn’t mean they are trained better, it means they need more training. Longer education does not mean better education. Lyles should remember this.

  2. Just tells you that Pitino has filled this kids head with junk about UK kids going in the one and done, and then ending up down in the D league…Doesn’t matter, if they get drafted in the 1st round, that’s at least 2 year contract, witch can be any where from $250,000.00 to 500,000.00 dollars even millions of $…I my view I wouldn’t care where I played if i’m making jack like that…… go ahead, spend 3 or 4 years with Loserville, take 3 years worth of chances of not getting hurt like UK’s Nerlins Noel did…If you are a top draft pick Hot shot, like Nerlins was, You can forget about getting drafted period…Just look at Nerlins, he fell from #1 to # 6… ask yourself Trey Lyles..are you as good or better than Noel…………..