Rajon Rondo says “I’ll Never Play for the Miami Heat”

Rajon Rondo made his feelings known at his basketball camp recently about the 2 time defending World Champion Miami Heat.

Another jab at Ray Allen and at a time when Rondo’s current team is as depleted of all-star talent as it has ever been.

Don’t ever say Rajon is not brazen.

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  1. He is an idiot! I’m a KY fan but he is a joke. No teamwork its all about him. Ray Allen was the smart one and look what he has got out of it

    • Really, Rondo is one of the best assists leaders in NBA history. He is not a selfish player with those stats.

  2. He is an idiot to say I would never play for the Heat. He can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen LOL They are winners and he is on a losing team and he probably want win another NBA championship again.. Sad but true. But the Heat don’t want him or need him either