Wildcat Captions #22 – Goodbye Kyle Wiltjer #uktbt

It’s Throwback Thursday and you must caption the photo below from from Gonzaga-bound(?) Kyle Wiltjer.



Best of luck, Kyle!

Leave your “captions” on the comments box below. Once we have enough entries, we will select the winner.

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  • http://www.justhilaryslife.blogspot.com/ Hilary Farris

    OHHHH!!! I think this is the basketball I will take with me!

  • Tara

    Oh no, you di’ent!!

  • Tom Phillips

    Hey, dude!!! Reach for the ball, not my boob!!!!

  • Brenda Parrish Swan

    oh what have I done

  • Manish Bhatia

    I wish I knew how to quit you, Kyle….

  • Larry smith

    which way did he go, which way did he go!

  • Cory Lovelace

    “Come on Kyle, if you stay you can get my towel and Gatorade for me.”

  • Bobby Richmond

    “I have to compete against who ??”

  • Joseph Alexander Herrera

    Wait, I was gonna start?! TAKE ME BACK!!