Wildcat Captions #21 – Y? Y? Lebron? #tbt

It’s Throwback Thursday once again and you must caption the photo below from headband-less Lebron, Kentucky’s adopted son, as the honorary “Y” at the Kentucky-Vanderbilt game in 2010.


NCAA Men's Basketball 2009-10 Kentucky  UK vs Vanderbilt UK wins 85-72


Leave your “captions” on the comments box below. Once we have enough entries, we will select the winner.

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  1. My forehead is this big

  2. Kathy Murphy-Ayers

    I have arrived!

  3. To bad I can’t win championships like UK!

  4. Cleveland was this close to the Finals…Almost there guys, almost there

  5. This is better than the NBA..Mannn, I should’ve went to college at UK!