Matt Elam is Done with Joker Phillips

matt elam

As if Kentucky fans needed anymore reason to love Mark Stoops as their head coach, Matt Elam piled on former head coach Joker Phillips on Sunday via twitter.

This couldn’t get any more blunt:

Florida happens to be recruiting Elam, so I really don’t think this helps their chances, especially since 24/7 Sports lists Phillips as recruiting him.

  • Bill Robinson

    move on – why start (or keep) this stuff (going) now – uk not only has much to be thankful for; they have much to look forward to with Stoops.

    • rittjc .

      Uh…I believe he is referring to the NOW “head of recruiting” and “Receivers coach” at the University of Florida named “Joker Phillips”. You see, Florida is the school he said he likes but they have Joker recruiting him and he is commenting that Joker, perhaps one of the least talented players/coaches, looked down on Kentucky players.

      Bill, move and quit trying to stir up crap and keep this stuff going on now when UK has so much to be thankful for and should not have fans trying to derail its progress by dredging up the past. Bill, we have stoops for pete’s sake. Can’t you move on!

  • johnrblue

    Joker will teach you how to drop passes.

    • rittjc .

      Why do you think the Defensive coordinator who became head coach at Florida made him their “Receivers coach”? Just has Joker had a missing to destroy his SEC school’s football, so does Muschamp have the same goal and hired the most experienced guy he could find that had SEC football destroying skills.