Roy Williams Thinks Andrew Wiggins Decision Will Be Done by 15th

andrew wiggins fact or fiction

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke Tuesday night in Durham during a Tarheel Tour event and gave his odds on Andrew Wiggins chances of playing in Chapel Hill.

He also thinks everyone will know where Wiggins will be playing by May 15th.

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After several minutes of back and forth with the audience, Durham allotted one more question for the audience. The final question was simple and expected: “What are the chances of us signing a top unsigned recruit?”

The crowd erupted in laugher and Williams sheepishly responded, “25 percent. Four in a hundred is 25.”

He followed it up by saying, “I have no earthly idea.”

Williams proceeded with an anecdote on his lack of television viewing by telling a story in which he didn’t recognize Kramer, the iconic Seinfeld character, while in Lawrence, Kansas. He did admit that he does watch ESPN’s SportsCenter and that the recruiting updates now have his attention.

“Every time you’re looking at that ticker and it says ‘recruit,’ I sort of get up a little bit,” Williams said.

He closed by saying that the signing period ended on May 15th and that he “expected it would be done by then.”

My guess is the only way Wiggins plays in Chapel Hill is when either Kentucky or Florida State play their road game there next season.

  • Scott Taylor

    Didn’t think coaches could talk about people they are recruiting. Isn’t that a violation?

    • Jonathan Matheis

      He never mentioned Wiggins by name, which means he was not in violation by only stating the odds of landed the “top unsigned recruit”.

    • Dale Martin

      Not if your Kansas, Duke and or UNC.

  • Dwight Bolin

    Isn’t Andrew’s mother rumored to be visiting him soon? You know Mother’s day is this Sunday (12 May 2013). I wonder if he is planning on announcing as a Mother’s Day gift to her? If so that would be cool. Also if that’s the case I just hope he isn’t planning to add a cherry on top and commit to FSU instead of UK since that is her alma mater.

    • Dale Martin

      Hope and think your wrong, and if momma wants whats best for him he will be in Lexington soon.

    • William Skaggs

      Well if he wants to win a National Championship before going to the NBA in 1 year his best chances are at UK

  • mojo22046

    If Roy perks up whenever he sees the word “recruit” on ESPN’s ticker, that tells me he’s in the dark as much as I am. So much for the wink he allegedly gave someone after saying he had no earthly idea.