Mike DeCourcy Says Kentucky Needs Andrew Wiggins to be Best Class Ever

andrew wiggins poster dunk

Although The Sporting News’ Mike DeCourcy declined to make a prediction, one thing to note in answering the question about Andrew Wiggins, he thinks Kentucky needs the Huntington Prep star to be elevated to the greatest recruiting class ever.

Here is the excerpt that contains the statement as DeCourcy explains his thoughts on where Wiggins best fits.

They are diverse competitively. Indeed, three of them are blue-blood programs, but each is constructed far differently at the moment. Kentucky already has a massively talented recruiting class that Wiggins would elevate to greatest-ever status. North Carolina has a deep core of returning talent off a team that was somewhat successful. Kansas loses four starters from last season’s stellar squad but does have young talent. Florida State, which the advantage of being his parents’ alma mater, wasn’t very good last season, but most of the top players return, and Wiggins is good enough to push them all toward the top of the ACC.

After reading some of the facebook posts from a lot of fans, I can’t figure out why people don’t want Andrew Wiggins just because he is waiting so long.

Don’t you remember how long it took for Patrick Patterson and John Wall to make up their minds?

Also, if you don’t think next year’s team will be better with Andrew Wiggins then you should probably stick to watching Guntucky or Honey Boo Boo.

This kid is the real deal and whichever school gains his commitment will definitely be better off for it.

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  • casey

    college choices are a hard choice in life hope he comes to Kentucky if not Florida st not north carolina

  • Dale Martin

    This guy has to be smoking crack, to think they would have to have Wiggins to make this the best class ever is so stupid. The cats could lose one of these players and it would still rank as the best ever. No way has this fool watch these kids play, if Wiggins does come there will never be another class to pass this one. I agree Casey, if he doesn’t chose BBN then I hope it’s FSU

  • ryan

    if they win the national title next year they have to be considered the greatest. The Fab 5 never won a title and while Davis, MKD< and Teague's class was awesome the
    it did not have the numbers to be considered best ever although you could say MKD and Davis are the best 2 recruits ever in 1 class

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